Why is it important to use solar energy in Pakistan?

Why is it important to use solar energy in Pakistan?

Pakistan comes under the bracket of the world’s third country. By the term “world’s third country” means it is still under the developing stage in major sectors. Every country requires a sufficient amount of powerful energies for both industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential sectors. Power shortage can is one of the major reasons for the country’s underdevelopment stage.

If we talk about electricity requirement, Pakistan being an agricultural country requires lots of electricity for both agriculture and industrial sector. Due to the shortage of electricity that affects the annual production rate of products and other things, this matter can be easily resolved by utilizing solar energy in Pakistan. The demand and development of renewable energy sources have become a major issue in the country. The increasing demand drew the intention of multiple national and multinational companies and they pulled up the projects of the solar panels which is a great way of energy conservation and construction of renewable energy sources.  Let’s check out the facts that why Pakistan needs to use solar energy.

Extensive Agricultural Load

As we all know that Pakistan is an agricultural country. Export rate from this sector is much high as compared to the others. For more production in less time duration, framers and workers need the latest technologies which work on electricity. Although the electricity connection isn’t a major problem due to high charges, people are not able to pay bills on time. One cannot expect to take loans every time and then get worried about its payment. This is why solar energy is recommended for this sector. It’s a one-time investment with a lifetime benefit.

Load Shedding

Who is not aware of the word “load shedding” in Pakistan? Even 3 years old know what does this means. It is the topmost issue of Pakistan. Every year people hope that we might get rid of this issue but nothing positive comes in the way. On the same hand, people think that using solar energy is like spending 1/4th of the savings. Have you ever thought that even if you use one air conditioner in summers at your home, how much you pay yearly? Obviously! It is a huge amount, on the contrary, if you are a big family then bills go double even triple your average expectations. That is why it is acceptable and completely okay to spend some money on this technology.

Industrial Sector Requirement

Mills and Industry owners should use solar energy for heavy production work. Giant machines require high-watt energy to generate good performance. If there is not enough power, the machinery will not operate properly and can cause a huge loss too. Not only that it’ll help the country recovered from its energy crises but will save your monthly expenditure on high electricity bills. Another perk of using solar energy in Pakistan for the industrial sector is that the owners can purchase high-maintenance machines without worrying about the damage caused by load shedding and voltage issues.

Medical Sector

The medical sector is something where the public cannot compromise at any cost. Private hospitals do have excess to this advanced technology but the majority of the government hospitals still face load shedding and voltage fluctuation. The funds can be used to install solar panels in the hospitals. A patient’s health should never be compromised for the reason that there was no electricity. As many government hospitals lack the latest medical equipment, one of the major reasons is that the voltage supply cannot take the load of heavy machinery. By installing solar panels this issue can be resolved easily within a few weeks.

Educational Sector

Many Educational institutes in Pakistan do not receive proper electricity. Due to this teachers and students suffer a lot. As many majority cities in Pakistan experience warm weather as compared to cold climate, hence it is really difficult to teach and learn without electricity. Solar panels can play a great part here too. After the medical sector, this sector should be on the top priority for the installment of solar energy in Pakistan.

Protect Environment 

Another great advantage of a solar panel is that it is environmentally friendly. It helps you to reduce your carbon footprint on Earth. Recently, research shows that the emissions of CO2 have reduced in many parts of the world because of most of the decreased demand, hence the burning of fossil fuel due to the use of renewable energy resources.

Property Value

Either you own a commercial area or you own a house, get a solar panel system install there. Market and studies have shown that areas that are equipped with solar energy systems have an approx. 3.74% higher property value than their non-PV counterparts. Real Estate deals have now started to consider the value of places which have solar panel facility. People who have a good budget should always consider places with this facility available. 


Last but not least of you use less power than your solar electric system is generating, the power goes back to the electricity company and you will receive money in return. Besides the fact that solar panel systems make it possible to live off-grid, the greatest benefit is that it is a both clean and renewable source of energy. The approx. the lifespan of the solar system, which could be 15-20 years depending on the quality of the system.

After reading the above-mentioned facts and figure you can tell how important and beneficial it is to have solar energy in Pakistan. The climate of the world is getting hotter each year. Over the past few years, research shows that usage of air conditions and our environment cooling machine’s usage has reached the maximum limit. Almost 5 out 7 houses in every street now have this facility, which was so rare a few years back. We humans cannot live in the hot weather for so long cause of various reasons. That is why it is highly recommended by experts and researchers to switch to this amazing solar technology before it gets expensive.

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