Why Ants Walk in a Straight Line?

Why Ants Walk in a Straight Line?

Have you ever noticed the set of ants climbing the wall of your house, especially when there is some foodstuff is exposed to them? They walk in a straight line. Why and how they do so? We’ll discuss this in this section below. Moreover, if you wanna get more information on how they do so, watch this video mentioned bellow. Stay tuned!

Ants belong to the Formicidae family and are also called as eusocial insects. They are found in the fossil record throughout the globe in prominent variations during the latest early Late Cretaceous, which reflects their earlier origin. When ants walk, they secrete a special type of chemicals named “pheromones” through their way. These chemicals have characteristics of a typical order to the ants.

They secrete these pheromones while walking towards their food and while getting back to their home stations they follow these pheromones and get their accurate backward direction. Similarly, in this order, they also assign the other ants of their station to find the way for the same food by following the pheromones which were secreted by the previous ant. This is the reason they all walk in a straight line by following pheromones.

Why Ants Walk in a Straight Line?

Moreover, you may see some ants matching their heads and seems to reflect as they are fighting off. But the matter of fact is, they are not fighting as always. They actually exchange their pheromones. If they don’t recognize the pheromones of the other ant, they fight off and don’t let them come to their home stations. So, now you know these amazing facts about ants, let’s share this information with your friends.

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