Traveling To Pakistan: A Beginner’s Guide For Tourists

Traveling To Pakistan: A Beginner’s Guide For Tourists

Undoubtedly Pakistan is a staggering country. I must say wonderful places of Pakistan and the great hospitality of the people have impressed foreign tourists in astonishing ways. Now many foreign tourists have shared their beautiful stories while traveling to Pakistan. They also have impressed by the next level hospitality of Pakistan. As the traveling season is on its high from this October, many foreign tourists will urge to come to Pakistan. Some of you will be reluctant to come because of the negative vibes spread around the world about Pakistan. In reality, this place is not that bad. Unfortunately, many people have always portrayed the negative side of Pakistan so much that foreigners are scared of visiting this place. Let me tell you one thing that this land is not that insecure to go for. People of this place are a very loving and warm welcoming for tourist around the globe.

I am sure now you will have enough points to convince yourself to give this land a visit at least once in your life. To have an incredible experience of your lifetime, check the below-mentioned tips you should be reading before heading to this country.

Visa rules for tourists

Recently Pakistan’s cabinet has announced new rules for the foreign tourist for getting the visa. People from 175 different countries can acquire a visa on arrival to Pakistan. Pakistan has some of the best tourist places like Himalayan peaks, K2, breathtaking valleys, deserts and many other wonders of Pakistan you must visit. To provide ease to foreigners Pakistan has loosened the visa policies. Now it is not hard for foreigners to come to Pakistan.

Pakistani Visa rules for tourists

Book a tour operator

If you are planning to make a tour to Pakistan, and you are a newbie in town, you must hire some of the best tour operators, especially when traveling to northern areas of Pakistan. These tour operators provide the best packages to make your travel a memorable tour.  These tour operators provide different packages like family tour packages, honeymoon package, and students’ package as well. They can also provide you rent a car service, hotel bookings, and reservation services in Pakistan. You can find them easily here using app, you can find all kind of service providers near you.

Book local tour operators

Keep a check of safety and security

This is the dilemma that whenever you call the name of Pakistan in front of foreigners to travel here. The first thought that came in their mind is, is Pakistan safe?  It is a fact that a few years back, Pakistan was considered as an insecure place especially for foreigners, because it was highly misrepresented. Right now in recent years, it has changed a lot. The truth is that Pakistan tourism industry is evolving by leaps and bounds. Fear not if you wanted to have an unforgettable trip to the land.  I will not say that the whole of Pakistan is the safest place to move around. There are some places where you need to be careful. The mountainous regions of Pakistan which are the most attractive places for the tourist are completely safe.

check  safety and security

Know the prices to bring enough money

You should be mindful and thorough research about the prices to hire a trip advisor, food packages, accommodation costs and many other little things you would have to purchase when in Pakistan. To have the real picture of expenses plan your trip according to the budget. It all depends on how smartly you will be spending your money. You must have some local contacts to get amazing discounts on tour packages. You can also negotiate with service providers, they are cheap and would love to accommodate.

Transportation for traveling around

In northern areas, roads are pretty scary and difficult to drive. You would have to hire someone to take you around. Although the plane is a convenient mode to travel in Gilgit Baltistan; but I would suggest traveling on a bus to enjoy your trip at fullest. Many transport companies provide affordable and quality services to their passengers. If you are traveling in Sindh and Punjab areas then Bilal travels, and Daewoo is considered as best bus service providers in the country. Many public transport service providers go everywhere in Pakistan. In remote areas, these minivans are the best choices to go on.

Daewoo express bus transportation cost

Know about the culture and traditions

Pakistan is a rich country in diversified culture and tradition. In every province of Pakistan, they have their own unique customs and tradition. You will find it extremely friendly to gathering people from the local community. Pakistan’s are warm welcoming people, especially to foreign tourists. Although you are a foreign tourist, people here will treat you as a guest, even will invite you to have dinner or lunch much time. And you cannot even say no to them. National dress of Pakistan is Shalwar Kameez both wear by men and women. So dress modestly in the region, in case you are traveling to the remotest areas of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa.

diversified culture of Pakistan

Know about Pakistani Food

Undoubtedly Pakistani people are a great food lover. In addition to this, the Pakistani prepares food in loads of oil and love to add spices. Be very careful if you don’t like much spices and oil. I haven’t seen anyone around me visiting Pakistan and don’t get sick.  Be aware of open food stalls and don’t eat from there. These are not much hygienic and cleaned. However, you can easily get sick if you don’t care really. Try to find Healthy food spot to enjoy your trip and

Pakistani Food

Find affordable accommodations 

Pakistan is a difficult country to explore but on the other hand, it is adventurous and wonderful too. It is also challenging to find quality affordable accommodation. In urban areas like Karachi Islamabad, Lahore, and northern areas especially Chitral, Swat valley, Hunza Valley, to find decent accommodation is not an easy job. In most of the cases in these tourist spots, it’s hard to negotiate for backpackers.

If you still have queries regarding traveling to Pakistan, do contact us we would love to help you out with the best possible solutions.

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