Travel to Dubai from Pakistan For Dubai Expo 2020

Travel to Dubai from Pakistan For Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai has earned the honor to host the world 2020 Expo. This will be the first-ever Arab country to host the World Expo. After beating off the competition with four other countries on November 2018, they celebrate the victory with splendid fireworks at the world tallest building Burj Khalifa. Dubai Expo 2020 is one of the biggest global events. This would have a great impact on the economy of Dubai. Hosting this event will bring the great business of tourism, job market, real estate, and media. The economy of Dubai will enjoy a new uplift with the Dubai Expo 2020.

Sign a participation contract with Pakistan:

Pakistan was also looking to participate in this event and has signed a participation contract with UAE Expo 2020 authorities. According to Gulf news, the contract was signed by  Moazzam Ahmed khan Ambassador to UAE  with Sultan Mohammad Al Shamsi, assistant minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. As the contract was signed, Pakistan started its activities to construct the Pavilion in the opportunity district. The pavilion will be showcasing all provinces of Pakistan in the theme ‘Emerging Pakistan’. Advisor to Prime Minister Abdul Razak Dawood said at the occasion ‘pavilion’ will imitate the true spirit of Pakistan in the EXPO.

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Invitation to KP GOVT:

KP Chief Minister Mehmood Khan has disclosed that a representative delegation of Abu Dhabi invited the provisional KP GOVT to take part in the EXPO 2020 in order to promote the tourism sector and provide other vast opportunities for both the countries. Along this can bring economic revolution in the country, because this will open the doors for investment in oil and gas fields. The delegation also said that UAE companies are interested in investing in KP in various sectors. The CM of KP also showed a keen interest in availing this great opportunity. He promised to take this revolutionary economic formula to the federal government.

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Visa on arrival:

In the process of hosting the expo, Dubai authorities have planned to provide Visa-On-Arrival services to more countries. Dubai aims for the growth of its industrial, travel and tourism sectors.  Chief Executive ‘Issam Kazmi’ revealed to the media in a conference about visa on arrival policy to more countries. He further added that they had already given visa exception to Russia and China. As Pakistan is also in the participant’s list of this global event, so they might also add Pakistan on the Visa-Exemption list.  

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A quick wrap up:

Today Pakistan is facing some serious economic challenges especially in the balance of payments and foreign reserves, which is resulting in a rapid increase in Dollar rate against rupee. The participation of Pakistan in such events can be a game-changer to reducing inflation, taxes, and other duties. This will also help the government to meet its economic objective and provide millions of jobs to the people of Pakistan.

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