Top Ten Tallest Buildings We Have Today In Pakistan

Top Ten Tallest Buildings We Have Today In Pakistan

Pakistan is in its development stage. The progress is a bit slow but today we have achieved many milestones in different sectors to move along the other countries. Like many other countries, cities in Pakistan are also developing. Although there is not much development as you can see in other parts of the world, however with time passing we have grown to a substantial level. Skylines or skyscrapers show the progress of any country’s development. That is the reason many cities in Pakistan have constructed many tall buildings to improve the infrastructure. Both infrastructure and skyscrapers are going in parallel. The well-known cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad have most of the tall buildings. Here is the list of top 10 tallest buildings according to their height.

1.         Bahria Icon Tower

Bahria icon tower is the tallest building in Pakistan having 62 stories. It is located in Karachi and completed last year. It took 10 years to complete this skyline. The building is dedicated to shopping mall and residential apartments.

Bahria icon tower

2.         Chapal Skymark

Chapal Skymark is Pakistan’s tallest residential tower. It is a 50 story luxurious building located in Karachi. This building’s construction is in progress. The main aim behind constructing this skyscraper is to give residential towers a new lifestyle.

Chapal Skymark

3.         Bakht Tower

Bakhat Tower is the second highest building we have in Pakistan which is operational. It has 34 floors and 476 feet high. This is also located in Karachi and was completed in 2015.

Bakht Tower

4.         Ocean Towers

The old name of this building was The Mall or The Sofitel Hotel Plaza. This is probably Pakistan’s largest building. It is located in Karachi near the sea view Clifton having 30 floors. It took almost seven years to complete this sky scrapper. It was completed in 2014

Ocean Towers

5.         Mega G4 Tower

This Mega G4 Tower block is located in the Karachi Clifton area. This was completed in the year 2016 and has 30 floors with 387 feet in height. This building is a shopper’s paradise used for shopping, food court, and some other official purposes.

Mega G4 Tower

6.         Dolmen Towers

Dolmen Towers is a project for both residential and corporate sector. This is also in the list of Pakistan’s tallest buildings having 45 floors and 656 feet high.  The construction of this skyline is expected to be completed this year 2019.

 Dolmen Towers

7.         One Constitution Avenue Tower 1 & 2

Constitution towers are situated in Islamabad having 26 floors. Ther height is 344 feet long. These were completed in the year 2014.

One Constitution Avenue Tower 1 & 2

8.         The Centaurus Mall

The Centaurus is one of the tallest buildings in Islamabad Pakistan. It has 26 floors and approximately 110 meters high. This project was completed in 2013 and made operational.

The Centaurus Mall

9.         Ufone Tower Islamabad

This telecom tower is located in Islamabad Jinnah Avenue. Ufone tower Islamabad is mostly used for corporate offices. This skyscraper was completed in 2010. Ufone tower has 28 floors and is 371 feet high.

 Ufone Tower Islamabad

10.      JS Centre

Js center is another skyscraper in Karachi. It is a 31 story building with a height of 100 meters. Its construction was started in 2011 and competed in 2013.

A quick review

Reviewing the tallest buildings, I would like to say that these are some amazing and luxurious skyscrapers we have in Pakistan. The reason for constructing these skylines is to reduce the use of land and minimize land deficiency.

Which tallest building do you lie the most? Do share with us in the comments.

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