Top 6 E-Commerce Shopping Websites In Pakistan

Top 6 E-Commerce Shopping Websites In Pakistan

E-commerce or online shopping has grown rapidly from the last couple of years in Pakistan. But still, it is not that popular as it is in western countries. Many entrepreneurs and industry leaders of Pakistan have realized that E-commerce will be the biggest market in the future. Keeping in mind that mobile users are increasing that is the reason that online shoppers are growing too. Therefore this has become the need of time for retailers to have online shopping websites. Even the big brands are doing it for the convenience of their customers and better customer services. Here we are going to share some of the top E-commerce shopping websites in Pakistan. is an industry leader and one of the pioneers in the online shopping industry of Pakistan. This website offers a wide range of products (approximately 3 million) of consumer’s needs. From its extensive range of products, you can buy anything from electronics to fashion, clothing, sports, automobile, food, and services, etc. was also another popular website but for now, it has been acquired by They offer an easy mode of payment, whether cash on delivery, through debit/credit card or even you can use daraz’s digital wallet for secure payment. is another leading online store offering all kinds of goods and products to its customers. What makes prominent among online shoppers is that they consider time is really important. This makes them get in touch with their customers. They quickly respond to their customers as soon as they get the message from any mode of communication. is an online market place where people can buy accessories like gadgets, digital cameras, TV accessories, and computer software and hardware appliances. They are providing convenience to their customers on seven days replacement policy and cash on delivery mode of payment. This shop is a home to buy gadgets of any kind in one place. No other accessories are offered here. has just started its online retail store a couple of years ago; It has captured the attention of millions of online shoppers in Pakistan. The things which make them stand out in the crowd is that they believe in gaining customers loyalty and offers original products. They have more than 5000 products to offer to their customers on the website.

Shophive is an excellent service provider in Pakistan. They are offering both local and global brands products to its customers. You can buy fashion, gadgets, electronics, home appliances, and many other products all available under one roof. You can avail of special discounts and promotional offers when purchasing from them. The specialty of them is that if someone is out of money they can still buy from them using installment plan.  This service is only available to the residents of Lahore right now. is an online shopping store based in Karachi. They are specialized in offering gadgets and the latest accessories for your needs. They also offer the best deals on huge range of electronic devices with their sleek accessories. They have more than 40,000 products offering at their store.

If you think we are missing any top online shopping store form our list then do share with us in the comments below.

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