Top 10 Agriculture Apps For Your Farm In Pakistan

Top 10 Agriculture Apps For Your Farm In Pakistan

Agricultural professionals are doing better, better than ever. Smart farming technologies have helped them reduce costs, maximize productivity and profitability, and make the process incredibly efficient.

Pakistan is an agricultural economy with agriculture and agriculture accounting for about 19% of GDP. In addition, 40% of the country’s workforce works in the agricultural sector. Emerging technologies are affecting the traditional field of farming to ensure greater productivity and efficiency.

Top 10 Agriculture Apps

Farm Journal Media research shows that 59% of farmers use smartphones and 44% use tablets. If you are a farmer who uses mobile devices, downloading a variety of agricultural apps will be a smart move to help make your small farming business more efficient. so here’re the top 10 Agriculture apps for your better farm in Pakistan.

1. Ricult Pakistan:

Ricult Pakistan is another digital app that is working to increase the country’s productivity and profits by providing small farmers in the country with agricultural information, solutions to their problems and access to credit and access to the market. Through the easy application process, farmers can not only access free agricultural information but also access the market for purchases and credit on flexible terms.

2. Kisan Zar Zameen:

Kisan Zar Zameen is a health analytics app that provides farmers with a range of services, including the use of multi-spectral imagery from satellites. Soil conditions, crop health analysis, and weather updates are all provided through this app, making it a one-stop digital solution for farmers. Using this app, the user can detect crop pressure, benchmark crop performance at an early stage, and monitor crop growth. They can also apply for drone spraying and mapping services that digitalize the agricultural sector and help farmers increase productivity.

3. Bakhabar Kissan:

Jazz Bakhabar Kissan is a dedicated app that helps farmers increase their crop yields with the latest information and technology. The information provided by this app covers everything from soil preparation to harvesting, as well as audio, video and photo presentations with livestock and weather updates. This app shows how private organizations like Jazz can play a role in changing the concept of agriculture in Pakistan.

4. Plantix – Your Crop Doctor:

Plantix turns your Android phone into a mobile crop doctor that allows you to accurately detect pests and diseases on crops in seconds.
The Plantix app covers 30 major crops and detects plant damage by clicking on a picture of a diseased crop. It is available in 18 languages ​​and has been downloaded more than 10 million times. Plantix agricultural app for damage identification, pest and disease control, and improved productivity for farmers around the world.

5. Agriculture Extension KP:

New technologies for development in a field are developed through research, but these technologies can only be effective when they reach end users and / or are applied accordingly. In order to transfer new technologies to the farming community, public and private sector extension services are part of this core work and development process.

Agriculture Extension KP has been recognized as a strong and important force in the development process.

6. Agri Smart:

The Punjab Public Management Reform Program (PPMRP) has set up an “Agri Smart” for extension workers with a range of services including farmer training sessions, pest warning, monitoring of agricultural inputs, soil sampling and receiving complaints. Smart “app launched. This app will digitalize the work of extension workers which means more convenient, accessible and fast service for farmers in Punjab.

7. Kisan Sahulat:

Kisan Sahulat app is unique and exclusive to farmers. This app provides useful information to farmers.

These are the main features of the app

  • Detailed information about crops, cultivation, harvesting, storage.
  • Provide information on fertilizers
  • Provide weather-based crop information
  • Detailed information about soil and its treatment.
  • Detailed information on crop pesticides and their treatment.
  • Provide voice feedback.
  • All information is available offline

8. Khushaal Watan:

Khushaal Watan connecting with farmers is faster and easier than ever. Access many local agricultural materials, get accurate weather information, talk to agricultural and livestock experts and get in touch with what’s important to you.
Features of a prosperous homeland include:

  • Get accurate weather forecasts and updates
  • Talk to agricultural experts via audio/video call for advice
  • Get contact details from nearby agricultural stores and retailers
  • Get the latest local market rates for your preferred crops.
  • The Khushhal Watan app does more than connect you with other stakeholders in the farming community. This is a lifestyle app that connects you to the important uses of life

9.Sabzion Ki Kasht – Complete Urdu Guide:

Olericulture (sabzion ki kasht) is a vegetable growing technology that handles a culture of non-woody plants for food. This is a plant preparation that is suitable for edible parts.
Sabzion Ki Kasht Android app provides a guide for those who want to grow vegetables at home but do not know how to grow vegetables. This Android app vegetable cultivation includes more than 50+ vegetables that are used in daily life and this app provides an easy way to cultivate these vegetables.

10. Kisan Pakistani – کسان پاکستانی:

Kisan Pakistani helps us to find out where to find agricultural machinery, medicines, fertilizers, seeds and everything related to agriculture.

It helps in direct contact with farmers and all other farming-related businesses across Pakistan. This list provides details of farmers’ crops, agricultural implements, agricultural machinery, spray chemicals, seeds and fertilizers. Therefore, it is equally useful for buyers.

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