Three Telltale Signs You’re in the Wrong Career

Three Telltale Signs You’re in the Wrong Career

One of the worst feelings in the world has to be discovering that you are in the wrong career. It can feel as if you have wasted, potentially, years of your life on a path that wasn’t right for you in the long run. Being in the wrong career can lead to higher stress levels and, as some reports show, generally lower levels of health. Should you determine that the career you are in isn’t right for you, it is important to get out of that career path as soon as possible.

To that point, it can seem difficult to discover when you are in the wrong career, especially if you’ve held the job you have now for some time. Fortunately, there are a number of key signs that, if spotted, could be indicative of the fact that the career you hold now isn’t what you should be doing. If you spot any of the below telltale signs, waste no time in making the switch to a different career path.

Each Day is a Drag

One of the biggest signs that you have landed yourself in the wrong career is if you are consistently bored at work and can’t seem to bring your energy levels up. It’s important to note that everybody gets bored with their job. In fact, Psychology Today found that somewhere between 30 and 90 percent of American workers experience boredom daily. Not every single day will have something exciting in store for you, but if you find yourself lacking motivation 100 percent of the time, it may be a sign of a bad career match.

Should you find yourself in this position, take a minute to determine whether it’s the job you have now or the actual career path that is leading to this boredom. If the former is the cause, you’re in luck and may just need to switch jobs. However, if the latter is the cause then it may be prudent to look into a more exciting path.

A number of tech jobs have emerged in recent years that offer high levels of variability in the day-to-day tasks given to employees. Learn how to code an app or consider pursuing an online degree from an accredited institution. Regardless of what you choose to do exactly, ensure that it captures your interest and doesn’t leave you watching the clock every five minutes.   

You Can’t Stop Complaining

Another strong sign that you are in the wrong career is if you are the friend who constantly complains about their job. It’s one thing to complain about an annoying boss, but something else entirely is to be complaining about the tasks you are assigned every day. Regardless of whether or not you believe you have or don’t have the skills needed to complete your job, you shouldn’t be complaining about the job assigned to you.

Not being able to complete your work or not wanting to are both signs that your career may be wrong for you. Consider performing some research to discover if there is another path that suits your interest and skillset better. There are a number of easy degrees to earn online that may lead to a more fulfilling workload.

Don’t settle for a job where you are constantly complaining to your friends. This will only lead you to become even more jaded with the path you’re on and, truthfully, your friends’ ears are probably tired of hearing the complaints. Find the new path that will have you praising your job, rather than complaining about it.

You’re Envious of Other Employees

There’s nothing bad about being fascinated by other employees’ jobs at your company. What may be a sign that you’re in the wrong career, however, is if you become envious of those workers to the point that it affects your own work. If you are in this boat, try to determine what it is about their job that interests you so much.

It’s completely possible that the idea of a different job is more appealing than that specific job. Focus on identifying your strengths and use those to determine your unique skillset. From there, you can try to find a career that will better align with your interests.  


There is no shame in making a career switch. However, it is important to be sure that you are switching paths for the right reason. Knowing you’re in the wrong career is a huge reason to make that switch and can lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Your work will make up a large part of your life, and you should not go through every day wondering when the day will be over. Find a career that lights a passion in your heart and makes you feel fulfilled as an employee. 

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