Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor is Pakistan’s second-largest cellular and digital service provider. It provides its customers with 3G and 4G internet services. Telenor has 45 million subscribers across Pakistan. Because of its good quality service, Telenor has a massive no of customers in rural areas. Where other networks lack to deliver their internet service, Telenor takes the lead.

Telenor is providing its customers with a massive amount of versatile internet bundles. From daily bundles to monthly internet packages. They understand their customers’ needs so they have provided a great variety of internet packages. They not just only deliver simple internet packages but they also provide specified internet packages.

That includes social internet packages; in this type of package, they provide Facebook and WhatsApp availability for one day at a low price of RS. 1.98. Then they also provide a one day package which is totally free, in this package they provide 1000 internet MBs. Then there is a daily lite 4G package, in this package they provide 50 MBs for one day in RS. 14.48.

All Telenor internet packages that it provides are under budget and they provide a better quality of speed, this is why they acquire a massive amount of customers. Now we will discuss their weekly internet packages. First of all, is the Telenor dhamal internet offer. In this, they provide 2000 MBs in just RS. 85 for 7 days. Then there is the Telenor 4G weekly package, in this package they provide 750 MBs in RS. 89.63. Another amazing package delivered by Telenor is the Telenor 4G weekly unlimited internet package, in this package they provide their customers with 2500 MBs of the internet in just RS. 101.58 Which is also valid for 7 days.

Then there is a Telenor 4G weekly super offer, in this package they give 2000 internet MBs in RS 119.50, this is another weekly offer. Telenor also cares for and welcomes its new customers. They give their new customers 3000 internet MBs along with 3000 on-net min for 30 days just for free of cost. 

Then there comes the monthly offer, this type of offer is mostly used by those kinds of customers that don’t have much time to subscribe their internet package again and again, so they use this kind of package. In these types of packages first comes the Telenor 4G monthly Data package, in this type of package they provide their customers with 2000 MBs of the internet in just RS. 200, and the validity of this package is for 30 days.

Then there comes the Telenor 4G starter package, in this, they give 8000 internets MBs in just RS. 300 valid for 30 days. Then there is a mega offer that is Telenor 4G monthly plus package that gives 10000 MBs in RS. 750 valid for 30 days. Another ultra-mega offer is Telenor 4G monthly unlimited package that is valid for (MiFi/Dongle) that give 275000 MBs in RS. 6000, this offer is also valid for one month.

You can visit for more information and enjoy all these packages with the supper 4G speed of Telenor 4G.  

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