Summers and Fashion Of Pakistan

Summers and Fashion Of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those states in the world that is known for its eye-pleasing and colorful dresses. The intricate patterns and designs embody history, art, and love, dating back to hundreds of years. However, aesthetic yet modern patterns and designs are not the only pleasing quality of Pakistani clothing; the real gamer is its finest fabric.

The light and fine fabric make Pakistani dresses comfortable and easy to style. Swiss Voile, Cotton silk, Lawn, Jacquard, and Chiffon are few fabrics preferred by Pakistani women in summers. All of them are not just right according to Pakistan’s weather, but these stitched and unstitched pieces are now available in several patterns, styles, and qualities to meet diverse quality needs.

Among all fabrics, the lawn is one of the most worn and go-to fabrics during the heating season in Pakistan. Since the season is unbearably scorching and tough, light and breathable stuff are always preferred that are not much see-through.

Once upon a time, there were only a few industrial giants present in the clothing industry that were enjoying a monopoly, but now many local and international brands have stepped into Pakistan’s fashion industry and step up the game of patterns, designs, and styles, and giving them tough competition at some level. 

In this article, you will find out everything you should know about lawn fabric.  



Many premium and medium brands have stepped into the clothing industry because of increased demand and varying quality standards. You can find a lawn dress worth PKR 600 to one worth PKR 15000.

If not worn and handled with care, Lawn suits would be the part of your wardrobe for one or two years, and if cared for properly, they can be as good as new even after years of purchasing.

The dresses are usually organized in different categories by the brands to serve upper, upper-middle, and middle-class needs and best meet their requirements. Depending on which brand name is on the attire, it can be either of premium quality or just good enough only for a couple of washes.

It was a matter of bygone age when lawn fabric was available with just one or two options, but you can find lawn apparel for daily wear, semi-formal wear, and even now for formal parties. Online lawn dress shopping in Pakistan now has made everything easier for everyone!

Lawn-printed suits are usually printed by leading designers using different printing techniques, digitally printed suits with better quality, and embroidered suits look classic with their exquisite, intricate embroideries. Along with the embroideries, the formal lawn dresses are embellished with net patches, stones, tassels, laces, and much more to appeal to everyday’s look.



Pakistan fashion industry has many local women’s clothing brands that sell traditional stitched and unstitched clothing. This just not only keeps the heritage and tradition alive but also modernizes the old fashion of the past times, which creates something unique. Today, even though you have numerous brands to choose from, most of them lack something in one aspect or another. Some apparel might have good stitching but bad design, fabric, or style whereas, some might sound too expensive to buy.

However, Oaks is one of those brands in Pakistan’s fashion industry that considers, designs, and is devoted to serving every woman of the state. They not only come up with the latest and the best designs but also have established the new benchmark for ready-to-wear suits. They offer quality, design, and comfort under one head, all at fear prices. You can look for casual to formal Kurtas, Shalwars, and Pajamas and colorful, vibrant Dupattas that glam you up from top to bottom, made impeccably by highly skillful designers. Oaks is the complete brand to meet all your fashion needs.



Vibrant colors, like purple, pink, and white, are the best summer combos in summers. These colors are not too vivid and bright, but also, they are not too dark, which makes them ideal for wearing on any occasion, whether formal or informal. Oaks printed shirts are full of attractive patterns, and designs with uniquely detailed sleeves make these printed suits the best if you’re seeking them at an affordable price.

The dupattas usually preferred in summers are printed crinkled chiffon with fascinating designs that show the aesthetic value of the dress and upgrade your attire’s overall look. Lastly, summer dresses usually come with a printed or plain cambric trousers that bring the outfit together with its finest stuff. In a nutshell, Oaks brings you all the best all-rounder apparel for all sorts of events.


summer lawn dresses

Check out Oak’s latest summer collection for the best picks. Since it has been launched, people are getting their hands on our stitched and unstitched outfits. Online lawn dress shopping in Pakistan was never this convenient. We have defined every category in detail and made navigation simple, so you can easily discover every category and not skip out on anything.

Oaks summer dresses category is available in ready-to-wear and unstitched assortments, which are further divided into embroidered and unembroidered, so you can look for whatever you want without wasting much time and effort.

We know you love to look chic; that’s why we have created a separate division for new arrivals, tops and lower. Oaks don’t cater to women only, but we have a men’s and kids category and a wide range of accessories to complete your look and help you find everything you are looking for under one roof. If you do not want to miss our latest summer picks, book your order now.


If you are a fashion lover, then our latest women’s collection is made just for you. Oaks is known for its premium quality suits with the most dazzling embroidery and designs. No matter what event you are buying for, our wide selections will definitely satisfy your diverse fashion needs. The sale of our unstitched and unstitched items will give you the best shopping experience without burning a hole in your pocket. Unstitched, Ready to wear, luxury pret, and many more for you now at Oaks store and online, so go ahead and grab your favorite dresses before it’s too late.

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