Seven Hidden Wonders of Pakistan

Seven Hidden Wonders of Pakistan

Pakistan is a blessed country in having natural treasures. Just like Seven Wonders of the World, we also have some of the hidden wonders of Pakistan. Pakistan is gifted with many breathtaking wonders which should be explored. So before planning to explore the world, we must give these places a visit.  These are the places which you may have not visited yet. But the good thing is that you can explore more about these wonders here!

1. Princess of Hope:

Princess of Hope - Seven Hidden Wonders of Pakistan

Princess of hope a natural heritage of Pakistan is one of the beautiful rock sculptures located in the mountain range of Makran coastal highway. This is found in Hingol National Park probably the largest national park of Pakistan and 190 Kilometer away from Karachi. The name ‘princess of Hope’ was given by the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, when she visited this area back in 2002. The emergence of this Rock into princess looks impeccable. Princess of Hope is a lonely statue standing there in a royal robe and a hood.

2. Island of Seven Hills:

Island of Seven Hills - Seven Hidden Wonders of Pakistan

Astola Island is known as an Island of Seven Hills. It is located along the Arabian Sea in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. This island is part of the Pasni district, which is a sub-district of Gwadar. Pakistan declared this island as Pakistan’s Marine Protected Area in June 2017. This is a beautiful place for fish hunting, deep-sea diving, and camping.

3. Trango Tower Gilgit Baltistan: 

Trango Tower Gilgit Baltistan - Seven Hidden Wonders of Pakistan

People who love to climb natural rocks should visit this place located in Gilgit Baltistan in the Karakoram range of Pakistan. It is considered as one of the greatest vertical rock and largest cliff to climb in the world. Not so many people are aware of this monumental place before 1992 because two Australian made a world record of base jumping from Trango Towers. This tower is believed to be the most challenging rock to climb. Do you have the courage to conquer this tower?

4. Ansoo Lake Kaghan valley KPK:

Ansoo Lake Kaghan valley KPK - Seven Hidden Wonders of Pakistan

We have another mesmerizing place which many people have visited. This lake is located in Mansehra of the KPK province of Pakistan. It has been there from ages to grab people’s attention. Local people of this area named this lake as Ansoo Lake because it looks like a tear from the distance. It is surrounded by ice which gives it a look of a human eye.

5. The Paleolithic Aror:

The Paleolithic Aror - Seven Hidden Wonders of Pakistan

Aror rock in Sindh is one of the most alluring places to visit in Pakistan. It is situated in Rohri near the chancha village. This hill was discovered in 1975 by Allchin. Many Archaeologists believe that the Paleolithic Aror is a limestone rocks trace back to the Stone Age. This hill also resembles a rock in France. This is a popular hill of Rohri located in limestone plateau which you must explore in the next visit to Sindh.

6. Tooba Mosque in Karachi:

Tooba Mosque in Karachi - Seven Hidden Wonders of Pakistan

This mosque was built back in 1969. Tooba Mosque is situated in Phase 2 of DHA in Karachi. It is famous because of its structure of a large single Dome. This beautiful white marbled Mosque is considered to be the largest single dome mosque in the world. Its dome-like shape and the artistic structure makes it a special place. Many locals call this Mosque as Gol Masjid.

7. Katas Raj Temples

Katas Raj Temples - Seven Hidden Wonders of Pakistan

Katas Raj temples probably 1500-year-old are located near a Kallar kahar town on M2 Motorway. It is in the Potohar Plateau, Chakwal district of Punjab province. These complex temples are surrounded by a lake that is considered to be sacred by Hindus. Many Hindus visit this place for their pilgrimage from Punjab.

Some Final Thoughts:

Our aim is to give you information about the unexplored astonishing place from Pakistan, so people from Pakistan can visit these places. Local people can also find the places which should be travel over, in fact not only people from Pakistan but also foreign tourists who are here to unveil the stunning beauty of Pakistan

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