Respray vs Full Car wrap – Complete Guide

Respray vs Full Car wrap – Complete Guide

It is a fact that no matter how much you love and care for your car, time will eventually wear it down. As it ages, that showroom appearance fades, the brilliant finish will lose its luster, and what was once your pride and joy will lose its lovability.

So, how can you get back in love with your cars again? How can you replenish the ‘new love’ excitement in your relationship?

As soon as car wrapping became widely popular, car enthusiasts started arguing. Most people ask to whether go for a repaint or car wrapping.

The question is, which option is better and feasible, and which will give the car a better look?

When it came to a change in car colors or if you just wanted to freshen things up, there was only one option: a complete paint job. However, you can now accomplish the same thing in a matter of hours for an affordable price.

In this article, we would discuss, is spray painting is just as good as car wrapping services?

Car Wrap Is Removable – Without Damaging Original Paintwork

With car wrapping, you get a lot more customization options. First of all, the wrap can be applied to and removed from a vehicle without damaging its underlying surface. 

For instance, if your van has something like an advertising slogan or marketing blurb, it’s easy to change the design for something different or to update the details without damaging the exterior.

Different Textures To Make With Car Wrap

With a paint respray, you are limited to one-dimensional results. Whereas, car wrapping gives you the flexibility to experiment with a wide variety of different textures and effects. There is no doubt that automotive technology has evolved and you can now transform your vehicle exactly how you want it to appear.

Quick Car Wrapping Service Then Repainting

In compare to repainting, a wrap can be fitted fastly and your car can be ready for service within a few days, even for more complex jobs. If you have commercial vehicles you want wrapped to match your branding but need to get on the road immediately, then this technique is particularly crucial.

As for respray, it usually takes a few days to prepare a car for painting. At first, the bodywork has needs to be prepared and old paint to be removed. 

Moreover, to get a new color on your car, you need to prepare it properly before going to the paint booth. If you don’t, you’ll usually end up with a bad paint job.

In addition, it takes a couple of days for the paint to dry before it can be polished and presented to the owner. Therefore, you should prepare yourself to be without a car during that time.

Vehicle Wrapping Protects Paint From Mild Abrasions And Scratches

A benefit of vehicle wrapping that is usually overlooked is how it protects the vehicle’s paintwork from scratches and chips. It will help you to retain more of the value of your vehicle if you ever decide to sell it.

Car Wrapping Has More Durability

Wrapping your vehicle is a durable and long-lasting investment. Therefore, you won’t have to pull off a wrap every couple of months to update it.

Car wrapping is often offered by companies and garages as an add-on to their regular services, so you cannot be completely certain about the quality of the result.

Cost Of Respray vs Wrap

Regardless of the design, a vehicle wrap offers the most value. These days, body wraps are often more affordable than fully repainted vehicles, especially if you want to feature an intricate design. Also, you do not end up with a finished product that you can’t change or have to adapt to if you don’t like it.

While paint job costs vary, there’s generally no doubt that they are quite expensive. Due to the extensive work and time needed to complete the process, companies tend to charge an extra fee.

However, the paint job made the surface perfect. This will give the car a great shine and make it appear brand new. In addition, good preparation for the paint can help prevent rust problems.

Wrap Up!

In recent years, it’s becoming harder and harder to decide whether to paint your vehicle or wrap it since wraps have come so far and are still gaining popularity. In general, wraps cost less, last longer, and take less time to install than repainted surfaces. Also, wraps offer a more customizable appearance and allow quick color changes. But, paint remains the best option for those who want to see the purest colors possible.

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