PMI PMP Certbolt Certification – Is It Worth the Hype in the Industry?

PMI PMP Certbolt Certification – Is It Worth the Hype in the Industry?

If you have any relation with project management, you must’ve heard about the PMP certbolt certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) located in the USA. This credential is getting more recognized day by day among the recruiters and is an absolute dream of professionals in the field. But why is a simple badge worth so much in the market? Let’s have a look at some reasons!

PMI Chooses the Best Aspirants

To apply for the PMP exam, one needs to prove their knowledge base well-supported by a degree, experience in the sphere, and several hours of industry-related training. In addition to that, you must have a skeptical mind that understands project management from its core. Additionally, you have to be a good stress manager, a critical thinker, and possess exceptional judgment skills. Thus, even getting eligible for the test might be a challenge itself, so only the best of the best will be able to get accredited. For more visit

Only Serious-Minded and Resilient Individuals Complete the Program

The passing rate of the PMP certbolt exam is not disclosed by the vendor and may slightly change but it is known that the pass/fail status is determined with the help of psychometric analysis. But this doesn’t mean that the exam is absolutely exhausting to pass. You only need to allocate enough time for preparation which can take several weeks of everyday studies to be ready to answer most of the questions correctly. Remember, you need to remain resilient and undistracted during the preparation! This exam further filters out any aspirants who are not serious about project management creating market value for the qualified PMPs.

PMP Values Experience Over Simply Education

Many certbolt certification providers choose aspirants with fancy degrees and theoretical background while for the PMP badge you need a minimum of a high school diploma along with over 60 months of working experience to be eligible for the program (unless you have a bachelor’s degree with which you need 36 months’ experience). Such an approach is easy to understand: would you trust a heart surgeon who has a knowledge base and has also performed many surgeries with your life? Or would you prefer the one who has undertaken many pieces of research but never performed real surgery?

Future Prospects of PMP Holders

All project managers have an amalgamation of both management and technical skills that are integral to an organization’s success. However, a PMP holder is not just an ordinary professional because this badge suggests that the candidate has an exceptional aptitude, passion, and skills to successfully lead any project. Also, according to PayScale, a PMP credential holder earns an average of $106k per annum in the US and get even more with seniority and experience in the field. For more visit


The PMI PMP certbolt certification is an essential mark on your CV if you are searching for a new job or a sign for your career growth. With it you can reach the heights in your profession that are not possible without it. To add more, this badge helps you secure top positions in the best firms and organizations in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself and hit the books! You won’t regret your decision when you’d be climbing up your corporate ladder.

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