Petrol Price in Pakistan Today

Latest Petrol price in Pakistan today. Petrol rate in Pakistan is Rs.110.35 /Ltr. City Book provides the current petrol price in Pakistan today per litre.

Petrol Price in Pakistan Today

Fuel Prices
Petrol (Super) Rs. 110.35/Ltr
High-Speed Diesel Rs. 113.08/Ltr
Light Speed Diesel Rs. 79.86/Ltr
Kerosene Oil (Matti Ka Tail) Rs. 82.06/Ltr
The new rates will come into effect at midnight on April 01, 2021

Government of Pakistan Increase the Petrol Prices

Petrol (super) increase from Rs.111.90 /Ltr to Rs.110.35/Ltr.

High-Speed Diesel increase from Rs. 116.08 /Ltr to Rs.113.09/Ltr.

Light Speed Diesel increase from Rs.81.42 /Ltr to Rs. 79.86 /Ltr.

Kerosene Oil (Matti Ka Tail) increase from Rs. 83.61 /Ltr to Rs. 82.06 /Ltr.

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