Pakistani Celebrities Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Pakistani Celebrities Diet Plan For Weight Loss

The showbiz industry in Pakistan is very large. The youngest actresses in Pakistan are the stars of our industry. Become a star of people is not easy. You should make your personality that the public wants. Pakistani celebrities diet plan are simple and they accept as part of their lives.

Race of Beauty in Showbiz

Race of Beauty in Showbiz

To look good and pretty actress knew that they should maintain their body and figure. They put hard work to makes their self’s attractive. The shape of the body and smart look is the first requirement of Pakistan showbiz. Young Pakistani actresses boost our industry with their talent and attractive look. Today Hollywood and Bollywood send big offers to our actresses because of their talent.

How Celebrities Maintain Their Weight

How Celebrities Maintain Their Weight

To make the body figure perfect they use different diet plans. Mostly actresses gain weight after marriage and they need instant weight to lose plans to join industry back.

Just like Ayza Khan, Aiman Khan, and many others. Some actresses lose weight to join the industry and make their self-popular. Aiman Khan, Ayza Khan and Mahira khan are the topmost favorite personalities in showbiz. They are also trending on Instagram and competition of their followers is very high. Ayza Khan and Mahira khan are the old showbiz stars as compared to the Aiman khan. Recently Aiman khan beat both stars on Instagram with 6.3 million followers. On the other side, Mahira khan has 6.1 million followers and Ayza khan has 6 million followers on Instagram. We are going to share a few Pakistani celebrities diet plan below.

Aiman Khan Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Aiman Khan Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Aiman khan is a very youngest actor in Pakistan showbiz industry. When she has joined the industry she was very young and healthy. She was looking chubby and cute but the industry wants a perfect figure body for the public. After joining the industry she puts hard effort to lose weight. She has also changed her style to look perfect and attractive.

Before marriage when she was in the process of weight loss when only takes meal two times. In which she uses low carbohydrate and use green tea. She was also given time to exercise to makes her body in shape. Weight loss transformation is very helpful to increase Aiman khan’s personality in showbiz.

  • Green Tea
  • Exercise
  • Two meals in a Day

After marriage again she increased weight. Recently she shares her after pregnancy diet in which she mentioned uses cumin tea to lose weight. Use salad fruits and vegetables to lose weight instantly. You can also try a cheat meal once a week. Zeera tea is perfect for ladies after their pregnancy.

  • Vegetables & Fruits Only
  • Cheat Meal
  • Zeera Tea

Nimra Khan Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Nimra Khan Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Nimra Khan is another youngest actress in our showbiz industry. Nimra khan faces an accident in her life and it cause of her weight gain. She said she was very depressed about her weight and have no idea how to lose weight instantly. Nimra khan diet plan is very helpful for instant weight to lose but she said it doesn’t need to be affected the same on all. She uses an egg white diet plant in 7 days and loses 10 kgs in one week.


Time: 7:00am

3 eggs without yolk after one hour take One apple


Time between 1:00pm to 2:00pm

3 eggs without yolk after one hour take one to apply


Time: 7:00pm

3 eggs without yolk and after one hour take one apple.

Repeat this same plan for 7 days. You can also take one vegetable juice glass in a day. You will lose weight with this instant diet plan.

Kiran Tabeer Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Kiran Tabeer Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Kiran Tabeer’s weight loss journey started after her marriage life. She said she had gained weight after her marriage. Everyone can lose weight if he or she set their mind. Once you select your target never lose your hope and don’t forget your target.


Fresh fruits juice one glass



Red kidney bees, boiled chicken, carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, salad leaves


Dinner should be done at 7:00 pm to avoid food after 7:00 pm.

Use bbq, chicken tikka piece, or milk.

She uses this diet plan and avoids all junk foods. She had never used the gym because she doesn’t like hard work out.

The Food You Should Avoid to Lose Weight:

The Food You Should Avoid to Lose Weight

Unhealthy and late-night food mostly cause by the fat body. You should avoid unhealthy food and make sure to take a meal at the proper time. If you cant does a strict diet plan and no need to lose weight instantly just take your meal at the proper time.

  • Oily Foods
  • Sugary beverages
  • French fries
  • Baked foods
  • Rice
  • Pasta and Bread
  • Fast Foods

Vegetables You Should Eat

Vegetables You Should Eat

Here are some healthy veggies that are helpful for the good body:

  • Cucumber
  • Capsicum
  • Carrot
  • Salad leaves
  • Parsley
  • Tomatoes

Fruits You Should Eat

Fruits You Should Eat

Fruits are an essential part of our good health. Become your body in shape and to lose weight your body needs fruits. Usually, strict diet plans affect our beauty in this case fruits are helpful to maintain the shine of your beauty and save yourself from any face pimples. See the list of fruits you can use to lose weight:

  • Apple
  • Grapefruit
  • Barriers
  • Stone fruits
  • Watermelon
  • Kiwi
  • Orange

The bottom lines:

A healthy and fit body is a dream of everybody. Keep in mind that your weight loss a dream depends on your focus. Use healthy food to avoid unhealthy food and you should do exercise or walk to makes your metabolism strong. Walk or exercise increases metabolism and helps your body to lose weight and makes your body in proper shape.

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