Online Shopping Guide for Beginners

Online Shopping Guide for Beginners

A time when traditional shopping was the drill has long gone. The generation of this century is truly addicted to technology and internet along with the facilities it provides to us. Moreover, with time these mere internet trends have turned themselves into necessity we can barely live without.

Hourly tasks have turned into minutes, all credits goes to the internet facilities. Need a top-up? Get it through mobile top-up application within minutes. Need to pay the phone bill or get yourself a new dress? Need a few grocery items? All these tasks can be accomplished in just a few clicks. Owing to the pandemic, we’ve almost forgotten the feel of being surrounded in crowded market places, endless parking lots and long queues of grocery stores.

However, the need is no longer required since online grocery stores are there to play their part. There is no need to step out in those crowded marketplaces, risking your health and wasting your money. The ultimate convenience that online grocery shopping has offered us is incomparable. Hence, it is highly consumed by Generation Z and the millennials.

Online grocery stores are an evolving and rapidly growing e-commerce sector in Pakistan so what I recommend you all is to Shop online and before you buy from the websites compare their prices with other sites too. has listed all the household items into his store, I compared their Price with top commerce store but I found it with a cheapest Rate.

 However, at the same time there are a lot of fraud online grocery websites as well. Mostly beginners with no idea of reliable online grocery stores get themselves trapped into their fraud. Hence, there should be a proper guide for these beginners that expose themselves as newbie in the world of online grocery shopping.  

Find a Reliable Online Grocery Store:

Though it is not that hard to find a reliable online grocery store in this intensely competitive e-commerce sector, certain websites portray appealing offers that are too hard to resist for beginners. Moreover, they often deliver products that are not exactly what customers expect. Delivery of fake products at high price is quite a common fraud issue that beginners face.

In order to look for reliable online grocery stores, you need to ask someone that has a pro knowledge about online grocery stores. Moreover, you need to look up for honest reviews on several websites. Since, social media is powerful channel where you can get authentic knowledge regarding your queries and questions, you can ask on any page regarding the specific online grocery stores that you think are reliable. You can get good recommendations from people of social media and even from your friends.

Look Up for Sale Seasons:

The best time to save up on your money is seasonal discounts. Online grocery stores gain the competitive advantage through their offers and throw huge deals, discounts and offers in order to attract and retain customers. Therefore, another major reason why online grocery customers are increasing at a high rate is due to the saving up on money. Customers can save up on their fuel expense, focus on their productive hours and can get advantage of the huge seasonal sales

Beginners should wait for the sale season to begin in order to save up on that budget. Moreover, there are attractive deals customers can opt for when looking for a specific category of products. For instance, shopping for instant noodles mean you can look for a huge deal that offers the entire stock of flavors at half price. Hence, this can save up a lot on your pocket without costing you an arm on those end days of the month when you’re broke and waiting up on that salary or pocket money day.

Watch Out When Opting to Pay Online:

Paying online has high risks, especially when paying to websites you’re not aware of and might turn out to be fraud. The safest option is to pay cash on delivery. However, if you’re paying through your credit card then you need to make sure your pin is secure and your personal information is not accessible to everyone. Moreover, opting for credit card payment is safer then debit card payment due to their ultimate protection against fraud transactions. Funds deducted from fraud transactions through debit card can lead to loss. On the contrary, funds deducted from credit card are not accounted.

Check the Return Policy:

Another major thing to check upon is the return policy on online grocery websites. If you get the wrong parcel delivered or the product delivered is not up to the mark as expected, you can get it retuned and get your refund immediately. Hence, beginners should look for websites that hold the return policy. Lastly, look for reliable websites that offer these services.

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