Say No to polythene bags in Islamabad from Independence day

Say No to polythene bags in Islamabad from Independence day

Use of polythene bags is very common everywhere in the world. The reason is they are easy to carry for purchasing the groceries. No one can deny the fact that its consequences are worse for the environment. Plastic bags are hard to recycle. They don’t degrade; in fact they split into small particles which went to our seas, oceans, streams, and lakes.  Birds’ animals and marine life are greatly affected by the use of polythene bags. When these animals search for food in oceans and lakes, they consume the plastic too.  What happens when they consume it? They get infections that sometimes lead to their death. On the other hand, animals also get entangled in plastic.

Plastic bags are considered to be a serious issue for human’s life too. There are certain chemicals present in polythene bags which can damage the normal functioning hormones of the human body. Globally cities of China, India, and Bangladesh have banned the use of polythene bags.

Pakistan’s government has taken several steps to limit the use of plastic bags. In few cities of Pakistan use of polythene bags is already banned by the government. Several campaigns have been also started to create awareness about the bad impacts of the use of plastics on the environment.

Zartaj Gul Addressing the conference on making Islamabad plastic free

Islamabad is going to be plastic-free

In the process of prohibiting the use of polythene bags in Pakistan, Minister of climate change Zartaj gull addresses a press conference and said that the use of plastic is going to be made illegal in Islamabad by this Independence day. Minister of climate state also addressed in the conference that if anyone in the city doesn’t follow the order, heavy fine will be imposed on them. During her conference, Ms. Gul asked to use fabric, cloth or Jute bags. There is a serious need to address the issue of environment protection from plastic. Ms Gul also said that this was the only choice to make illegal the use of plastics. The reason is plastics are the main cause of obstruction in streams, drains, and sewerage.

To address the problem a campaign would begin from F9 Park of the capital with the help of technology times and National Cleaner Production Center. The plan is to make Islamabad plastic-free city would start from the parliament building on 14 of August.

Campaign to create awareness and say no to plastic bags in northern areas

Ban of polythene bags in northern areas

In late April, this year use of plastics was completely banned in the Hunza valley. The decision was taken by the provisional government to put an end to the purchase of polythene bags. Now it is illegal to import or export polythene in the region or to be used by the shoppers of that area. This was a great initiative to reduce the plastic waste causing pollution in the area. Prime minister’s advisor on the climate said on the occasion “ Hunza is the first-ever district of Pakistan where there is a complete ban on the use of polythene bags.

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Some final thoughts

Use of polythene bags has become a serious matter for the country like Pakistan. It has been reported that Pakistanis use 55 billion polythene shopping bags every year. Such a huge volume is a serious threat to the environment of Pakistan. Although it will affect the people’s job who are involved in plastic production, cloth bag production can restore jobs for them. The initiative is also supported by many but there are still some challenges. Marketers now don’t sell these bags openly but there are still some who are producing and using them in Hunza.

According to the United Nations Pakistan would be the 128th country to ban plastic. There are already 127 countries that have implemented policies to limit the use of polythene. The process is a bit slow to vanish the country from plastics.  Perhaps it will take time to phase out the plastic as this is a huge task.

What are your opinions on the steps taken by Pakistan’s government? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

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