Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day Special

A name, a person, strength, a story, and power for everyone there is only A Mother. A name that completes our all yearnings, wishes, needs, joy and final our life there is only a mother. A woman who spend their whole life serving for spreading love happiness to her family. She survives for her family for her child’s but never think about herself.  But today is a special day for Mothers a whole day where we think and celebrate for mother. To comprehended them that they are a special part of our lives.  She doesn’t want a gift or money against her services she just requires your quality time for her.

Mother’s Day Special

“  Mother is a woman who can beat alone for her family, she doesn’t need power or any support for a fight, the power and the strength she has this is a gift of her sacrifices. “

She has done her job every day on time and completes all the tasks but she never requests for offs, she never requests for even a single day leave. She works constantly for her family and in the end, she just wants love from another side just love neither appreciations nor gifts or nor other expensive things.

Mother’s day is not a meaning to celebrate or give a gift to your mother it’s just a meaning which cherishes the foundation of motherhood.  I wish all the women’s who nurtured me.

I just want to say I  am very fortunate that I have a special woman whose name is “Mother”.

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