Mars Mission | Human Settlement On Mars| Plan and History

Mars Mission | Human Settlement On Mars| Plan and History

It’s time to talk about some spacious things that will happen in the future and change the thought and life of humans. Today we are going to explain some surprising news that will matter a lot for humans. A new life on Mars as we knew that the scientific research to reach on mars from many years and finally they found the ways to create a space for humans on Mars. Elon Musk the founder of Space X the aerospace company has planned for landing people on Mars.

Mars Mission | Human Settlement On Mars| Plan and History

Establish a human colony on Mars by Space X

Musk wants to launch the first human crew toward Mars in the mid of 2020s. Dr. Marshal Porterfield the former director of NASA’s Space Life and Physical Science Division said that we already have the technology to build rockets and Land vehicle on Mars but this time it’s not enough to have them if we really want to send humans on Mars we should work that how to feed them on Mars and keep them healthy otherwise we can’t do this because it’s a compulsory need of humans to live.

Mars Mission | Human Settlement On Mars| Plan and History

When the SpaceX Mars Mission Plans Start

Musk launched a part of SpaceX in 2002 when he frustrated that NASA even not have any plan on this time to land people on Mars. Musk and his company working hard on this project and spend much cost to make it possible. Musk presents his first presentation to land on Mars in September 2016 and October 2017 he elaborates on it. The plan was to make a Big Falcon Rocket that will able to carry up 100 people to Mars.

Mars Mission | Human Settlement On Mars| Plan and History

Elon Musk plan for landing on Mars has been started from since 2006 and unhappily the first rocket was failed Elon Musk and his team still working on it and put their hard effort for it and in 2007 again try to send another rocket and again its failed and the next rocket was sent in 2008 and it destroyed NASA 4 satellite still Elon Musk never lost hope even working on me very hard and at the end of 2008 must succeed in his mission and in 2012 Elon Musk plans to land on Mars.

In 2017 the plan against Mars was more strong and the mission of Elon Musk is full of hopeful and this time Musk has the plan to make a big rocket and he knows that it’s needed his hard working and effort and finally the heavy falcon rocket has launched in 2018. This is the biggest success of Elon Musk SpaceX set a timeline to the launched unscrewed mission to Mars in 2022 followed by the first human explores in 2024. He also has planned for permanent setting on Mars. Musk has planned to send 1 million people on Mars and the ticket for one side is $200,000 per person.

Mars Mission | Human Settlement On Mars| Plan and History

NASA Talks About Musk Plan

Recently NASA talks about landing on Mars and said that to live on a Mars in the future is not realistic because the atmosphere of Mars is too thin and cold. They said if the carbon dioxide from the polar ice caps soil on Mars it will create the atmosphere of Mars thick and warm and make liquid water possible then it will be possible for humans to live on Mars. No hospitality service available on Mars without these facilities there is no possibility to make a human colony on Mars.

The CEO of SpaceX said that it’s not difficult to providing hospitality services on Mars if we make a plan for a human colony on Mars we have all the solutions of humans needs and we have planned for it.

In the International Astronautical Congress Elon Musk talks about Mars he said “in 2022 I have the plan to send to two ships on Mars and then in 2024 send passenger on Mars then send multiple ships on Mars and make a Bigger City on the Mars and I am sure one day Mars will be a beautiful place for human to live”. The confidence of Elon Musk about to land on Mars shows that he put his full effort to make it possible.

Elon Musk said 5 years is a very long time for to me complete a ship and ready for launching. In this conference, he said, “We have started to make a human colony on Mars with one ship, then multiple ships then start building a city, then making the city bigger and even bigger and at one time Mars is really a nice place to be.”

According to NASA, there is not enough CO2 on Mars to makes Elon Musk plans possible because a human can’t live without CO2.

Musk is very confident about their plans and said there is a massive amount of CO2 on Mars absorbed into soil that would be released upon heating.

Mars Mission | Human Settlement On Mars| Plan and History

Musk’s Final Words For Mars Plan

Musk said if we look at the technology we can change any of our imagination in true because in the future technology far faster. I am very confident about to create a human colony on Mars and I also offers if anybody doesn’t like Mars he or she will be back on earth without any cost.

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