Low Budget New Cars in Pakistan That Are Available Now

Low Budget New Cars in Pakistan That Are Available Now

If you are ready to buy a car, affordable in terms of price and maintenance will be a priority. In Pakistan, where the middle class is the majority of the population, people are looking for vehicles that meet their needs as well as are easy to pocket. The average income earner in Pakistan may have to spend up to Rs 1 million to buy a new affordable car and automobile manufacturers cater to this specific target audience as we see a number of reasonably priced cars on the road.

The life of a car depends on its timely maintenance and driving throughout its life. Car prices in Pakistan have skyrocketed in recent years, and buying a new car has become a difficult task for the majority of people. Therefore, consumers have no choice but to maintain their cars properly.
The used car market has also gained popularity due to the increasing prices of cars. New cars bought a few years ago are now being sold for more than their original invoice price. It also shows that maintaining your car is more important than ever.

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Low Budget New Cars in Pakistan

The crisis in Pakistan’s auto industry has made it difficult for auto companies to do their jobs. Even the 600 million investment of a Chinese company, Timesaco, to improve the transport sector cannot breathe life into Pakistan’s death industry. Rising dollar rates as well as higher taxes resulted in the lowest number of car sales in Pakistan, prompting many carmakers to relocate their businesses to Pakistan.

The demand for locally manufactured cars has generally been high in the local auto sector of Pakistan, as its maintenance cost is comparatively less than the imported ones. At the same time, several models in the local market cost quite a lot for maintaining them. A lot of new buyers wonder which cars cost less in terms of their maintenance. So in this article, we will try to shortlist the new cars in Pakistan with the least cost of maintenance and high affordability.

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1. Suzuki Alto:

Pak Suzuki introduced it last year with 660 cc engine hatchback Suzuki Alto in Pakistan. Prior to this model, the Alto was available under the 1000cc engine, which was also included in the country’s economic cars. Perhaps both models can be considered as cheaper cars in terms of maintenance and fuel consumption.

The average of all new 660 CC Alto is more than 20 km per liter on average, which Makes it the first choice. Its spare parts are readily available in Suzuki’s authorized 3S dealership as well as in the local market.

The car is equipped with 660cc engine with both auto and manual transmission. It is 3,395 mm long, 1,475 mm wide and 1,490 mm high. In addition, it has a wheelbase of 2,460 mm. The price of Suzuki Alto in Pakistan is 1,198,000 to 1,598,000 PKR.

The Alto VX comes with power steering, keyless entry, central door locking and without AC and power windows. The Suzuki Alto VXR comes with airbags, power steering, keyless entry and central door locking. The Suzuki Alto VXL comes with ABS, Auto Gear Shift (AGS), 2 airbags, air conditioner and many more.

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2. United Bravo:

United Automobile is a popular brand when it comes to motorbike manufacturing in the country. The company also entered the car manufacturing segment back in 2018. When it first introduced the locally manufactured 800cc United Bravo.

It was a much-anticipated launch, but there were a number of issues with its preparation. However, the company has improved the quality of hatchbacks and introduced new features. It is slowly gaining ground in the local market because of its low maintenance costs.

It was introduced as a rival of Mehran. In terms of fuel consumption, its average cost is more than 15 km per liter. The spare parts are readily available from the market. Power Steering, Air Conditioner, Rear View Camera, Infotainment System, Fog Lamp, Alloy Rims and Keyless Entry features in United Bravo in Pakistan.

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3. Prince Pearl:

Prince recently introduced a hatchback for the first time in Pakistan’s local auto sector. The 800cc Prince Pearl is another great choice for those who are deciding on a tight budget. It costs about 11.5 Lakh PKR and offers a great price for that amount. When it comes to maintaining a hatchback, its parts are also readily available in the local market.

For now, the company has launched only manual variants of the car. But that an automatic version of Prince Pearl will also be launched in the near future.

Prince Pearl is a three-cylinder, front-wheel-drive car that comes with a water-cooled EFI, 796cc engine that produces 40hp at 5500 RPM and 60.5Nm of torque at 3500 RPM. Prince Pearl 2020 features include power windows, power steering, an LCD screen, spare tires, fog lamps, airbags, power door locks and a 3 year or 60,000KM warranty. The company claims that it will provide a mileage of about 20-20km/L.

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