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Toyota Corolla GLI New
Out of City | 5,000 Rs. | 4,500 Rs.
Within City | 4,000 Rs. | 3,500 Rs.

Honda Civic New
Out of City | 8,500 Rs. | 7,500 Rs.
Within City | 7,000 Rs. | 6,500 Rs.

Toyota Parado New
Out of City | 16,000 Rs. | 15,000 Rs.
Within City | 13,000 Rs. | 12,500 Rs.

V8 Land Cruiser Latest Model
Out of City | 30,000 Rs. | 28,000 Rs.
Within City | 25,000 Rs. | 22,000 Rs.

Toyota Grand Cabin Van
Out of City | 12,000 Rs. | 10,000 Rs.
Within City | 10,000 Rs. | 8,000 Rs.

Toyota Coaster Saloon
Out of City | 16,000 Rs. | 15,000 Rs.
Within City | 14,000 Rs. | 12,000 Rs.

Marcedese, BMW as per Demand

Without fule – with driver – Excluding All Govt Taxes

Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan
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Friendly service, new cars and low prices are part of our every day offer.
Whether you are hiring a car for business or pleasure, or you need a car or van, Micro Rent-A-Car has the right hire car at Pakistan for you.
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Micro Car Rentals in Islamabad. 0512344485
We deal All types vehicle service
Toyota Corolla GLI new model
Suzuki Apv
Honda Civic I
Honda BRv
Toyota Yaris
Toyota Land cruiser Prado
Toyota Land cruiser V8
Toyota Fortuner
vigo champ
Toyota Revo
Costa salon 28 seater
Grand cable 14 seater
Boxa 200
Ferrari sportage
Mercedes Benz
Audi A3
Available all types of vehicle service for booking please contact us.

پاکستان کے سیاحتی مقامات کو عام پبلک کے لیے کھول دیا گیا ہے
آپ بھی اپنی بوریت کو ختم کیجئے اور فیملی، فرینڈز کے ساتھ شمالی علاقہ جات کی سیر کریں
رینٹ پے گاڑیاں حاصل کرنے کے لئے ہم سے رابطہ کریں
Call Now: +92 333 500 4275
Visit: www.microcarrental.com

Get Cars & Vehicles on Rent
– To receive your guests
– Wedding Occasions
– Take your family for outing
– Plan a trip around Pakistan
– Corporate and Office purposes
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Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan
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