k Counsels

With over Fifteen years of experience, K Counsels is a Pakistan based entity of Advocates and Accountants providing Legal and Accounting services at your online user portal and at the same time in website, Google Play Store (Android) and IOS (Apple iPhone) applications. The system has been devised in such a manner that client user portal, once created, can be accessed via any of the website, Android Application as well as our IOS Application above. The uploaded / downloaded documents can be accessed by any of the three user friendly interfaces. However, physical cases has also been handled but the main crux of K Counsels is dealing the Legal Services and Accounting Services under the supervision of professionals and has been established under the licensed legal practitioner and Certified Accountant, thereby meeting up with the credibility and professional expertise in these related fields. The CONFIDENTIALITY OF CLIENTS has been strictly followed while providing Online Legal Services and Online Accounting Services as well.

As your Enterprise / Business consultant we take much stress on your growing needs and give time to time updates / counselling in promoting our client’s rudiments in business. So that is why our clients takes curiosity and put audible ears towards our side.