Dr. Kashif’s Aesthetic Studio is a skin clinic specializing in paramedical dermal therapies. Focusing on skin health, skin integrity and skin management our non-surgical treatments will ensure that your skin will be treated in a professional manner following treatment protocols and educating our clients throughout their skin journey. Our aim is to see clients build more confidence as their skin insecurities are relieved. We have a strong customer satisfaction policy. Clients concerns and safety are of utmost importance and if there is any dissatisfaction from a client, we will endeavor to rectify it. We have created a comfortable and quality experience for clients to enjoy. Clients never feel pushed into doing anything that they do not feel comfortable with or do not fully understand. A comfortable experience is a lasting one. Trust is also essential and building a genuine relationship with each client is so important to us. We have very strong relationships with our existing clientele that make it feel like a friendship and although it is serious, we still like to have fun in a positive environment.


17 A Chinar Rd, opposite NUML University, University Town, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa