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Family Cases Lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan

Among the other family case lawyers in Faisalabad Pakistan Ali & Associates have the best family case lawyers in Faisalabad Pakistan. We have a panel of family lawyers in Faisalabad and we deal in all kinds of family cases in Pakistan. We have the best family lawyer in Faisalabad Pakistan available. Our expert family lawyers in Faisalabad represent our clients in all the family courts in Faisalabad and Family courts in Pakistan. Our experienced lawyers are very much experts in all the family laws in Punjab or family laws in Pakistan. All the family laws in Pakistan provide solutions to all our family issues and our experts have a complete grip on it. We deal in the following family cases.

1.Maintenance of wife

2.Maintenance of children

3.Recovery of dowry articles

4.Recovery of Dower amount

5.Recovery of Abducted children

6.Custody of children

7.Guardianship certificate

8.Succession certificate

9.Court Marriage in Pakistan

10.Online Marriage in Pakistan

11.Online Marriage for overseas Pakistanis

12.Registration of Marriages and Divorces

13.Registration of Marriages and Divorces for Overseas Pakistanis

14.Marriage of foreign nationals

15.Marriage of overseas Pakistanis

16.Attestation of Marriage Documents for Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government Of Pakistan

17.NADRA Registration Certificate

18.Court Protection for Police and all Related Persons

19.Dissolution of marriage including Khula

20.Divorce by Husband

21.Divorce by Overseas Husband

22.Dissolution of marriage including Khula for Overseas Wife

23.Restitution of conjugal rights

24.Visitation rights of parents to meet Children

25.Personal property and belongings of wife

26.Settlement of Matrimonial Issues

27.Drafting of Family Settlements

28.Divorce and Khula

29.Divorce effectiveness certificate

30.Divorce and Khula for overseas Pakistanis etc….

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