India Pakistan Cricket Match History And Results

India Pakistan Cricket Match History And Results

Pakistan is a sports-loving country but cricket fan has gone crazier and excited at the India Pakistan cricket match. The rise in multinational competitions such as the Cricket World Cup, the ICC Twenty20 World Cup, the ICC Champions Trophy, the Australia Asia Cup and the Asia Cup has revealed more regular competitions.

India Pakistan Cricket War

India Pakistan cricket rivalry is one of the worst sports feuds in the world. Tensions between the two countries have led to bitter diplomatic relations and disputes. It began in 1947 between India and Pakistan during the Partition of India, the Pak India War and the Kashmir dispute. This is the basis for the emergence of intense sporting animosity between the two countries over a common cricket heritage. Therefore, the series b/w two countries are known as the India Pakistan cricket war.

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The two sides first played in 1952, when Pakistan visited India. Due to the two major wars of 1965 and 1971 and the Kargil war of 1999 and the Mumbai terror attacks of 2008. No cricket was played between the two countries between 1962–77. Pakistan had visited India in 1979, but due to the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, India’s visit to Pakistan in 1984 was canceled midway.

In the late 1980s and most of the 1990s, India and Pakistan clashed in neutral locations such as Sharjah in the UAE. The series was officially called the “Friendship Cup”. Sharjah, though a neutral venue, was considered “Pakistan’s backyard” due to its close team and extensive co-operation.

India Pakistan Cricket Match Results:

When we analyze the highlights of India Pakistan cricket match, the winning percentage of Pakistan is higher than India. Both sides have played a total of 199 matches. Pakistan has won 86 of India’s 70 victories. Pakistan won more matches than India in Test matches and ODIs format, although India has won six of the eight T20 Internationals between.

FormatMatches PlayedPakistan WonIndia WonDraw/Tie

ICC Tournaments:

India has a better record in ICC tournaments, Pakistan has not won any match in World Cup or T20 World Cup yet.

TournamentMatches PlayedPakistan WonIndia Won
World Cup707
T20 World Cup504
Champions Trophy532

Continental Tournaments:

The teams have met fourteen times in the Asia Cup, once a Twenty20 format was used in the competition in 2016. India have won eight of Pakistan’s five victories, with one of no result.

TournamentMatches PlayedPakistan WonIndia WonDraw/Tie
Asia Cup ODI13571
Asia Cup Twenty201010
Asian Test Championship1100

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Test Series Stat

Fifteen Test series have been played between the two sides. Each side has won four series, although Pakistan has won more Test matches than India in matches between the two countries.

SeasonStarting DateTestsPakistan WonIndia WonDrawWinner
1952-5316 October 19525122India
1954-551 January 19555005Draw
1960-612 December 19605005Draw
1978-7916 October 19783201Pakistan
1979-8021 November 19796024India
1982-8310 December 19826303Pakistan
1983-8414 September 19833003Draw
1984-8517 October 19842002Draw
1986-873 February 19875104Pakistan
1989-9015 November 19894004Draw
1998-9928 January 19992110Draw
2003-0428 March 20043120India
2004-058 March 20053111Draw
2005-0613 January 20063102Pakistan
2007-0822 November 20073012India

ODI Series Stat:

Both sides have played a total of seventeen ODI series. Pakistan has won eleven of the series while India has won five. The two-match series in the UAE ended in a draw, with each team winning one match.

Starting DateMatchesPakistan WonIndia WonDrawWinner
1978-791 October 19783210Pakistan
1982-833 December 19824310Pakistan
1983-8410 September 19832020Draw
1984-8512 October 19842101Pakistan
1986-8727 January 19876510Pakistan
1989-9016 December 19893201Pakistan
199616 September 19965320Pakistan
199713 September 19975140India
199728 September 19973210Pakistan
199812 September 19985410Pakistan
200413 March 20045230India
200413 November 20041100Pakistan
20052 April 20056420Pakistan
2005-066 February 20065140India
2005-0618 April 20062110Draw
2007-085 November 20075230India
2012-1330 December 20123210Pakistan

T20I Series Stat:

The teams have played only one Twenty20 International series, a two-match series in 2012 that was part of Pakistan’s tour of India. Each team won one match, leaving the series.

SeasonStarting DateMatchesPakistan WonIndia WonDrawWinner
2012-1325 December 20122110Draw

Players Behaviors:

India Pakistan cricket match fight has taken place on several occasions during matches. The players of both the teams face the usual intense pressure to win and they are at risk of extreme reaction to defeat. An extreme fan reaction to the defeat in key matches has been recorded, with a limited amount of bullying. India Pakistan matches also offer opportunities for cricket diplomacy to allow heads of state to exchange visits to improve relations between the two countries.

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Players Who Played For Both Teams:

India played cricket before the partition of India in 1947. After partition, Pakistan was formed and started playing as an independent nation, having started Test matches during its tour of India in 1952.

Three players played for Pakistan after joining India. They are:

  • Amir Elahi – A Test for India in 1947. Five Tests for Pakistan against India in 1952.
  • Abdul Hafeez Kardar – Three Tests for India in 1946 and 23 Tests for Pakistan between 1948–58.
  • Gul Muhammad – Eight Tests for India between 1946 and 1955 and one Test for Pakistan in 1956.

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