How tourism industry is evolving in Pakistan?

How tourism industry is evolving in Pakistan?

Globally the tourism sector is improving day by day in the world. Many countries Malaysia, Thailand, Switzerland, and the Maldives show substantial growth in the country’s development because of tourism. Pakistan is a blessed country in having diverged culture and heritage. The points of attraction for tourists in Pakistan are many which nature has blessed us with. Beautiful mountains and scenic views of hills are beyond imagination especially in Hunza in Gilgit Baltistan, Naran Kaghan, Swat and Himalayan Hill stations. On the opposite side, Pakistan is a rich country in historical places and civilizations. Some of the oldest historical places; Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa, and Taxila are great marks of history.  A popular business magazine Forbes has also listed Pakistan as the “coolest place” to visit in the year 2019.

role of CPEC in tourism development

Role of CPEC

CPEC is playing a very crucial role in the development of the tourism industry. No doubt CPEC with Pak-China coordination has opened ways for investment in the country. Along with small and medium business arrival in Pakistan, Chinese tourists are also increasing. Because of CPEC, many Chinese officials visit somewhere in Pakistan for business purposes has grown. This project also opens up the door of improving the infrastructure which will ease the access of foreign and Chinese explorers.

role of pakistan army in tourism industry

Role of Pakistan Army

Another challenge that hinders tourism development in Pakistan was terrorism. This is one of the biggest obstacles in stabilizing Pakistan’s economy and peace on the land. When there is uncertainty in a country and fear of security for local and foreigners it was impossible to attract foreign visitors for traveling. A great step took by the Pakistan army to fight against terrorists and eliminate terrorism in the country. Operation Rad-ul-Fasad and Zarb-e-Azb were the key players to put an end in terrorism. Hence today there is so much peace in the country from the last couple of years. Terrorism elimination is very much beneficial in boosting foreign visitors in Pakistan.  Peace in any country is very essential to captivate more travelers.

role of Pakistan government in tourism development

Role of Government

If we take a look at Pakistan’s development priorities, the current government is paying significant attention to promote tourism across the country. Although Pakistan is rich in natural resources and places to attract foreigners, unfortunately, the tourism management industry is not working enough to facilitate travelers in these areas. The current led PTI government announced certain campaigns to develop this industry. The government has announced a visa on arrival for the visitors which might take the industry on the right track. A couple of other campaigns in the name of “Visit Pakistan” and “Amazing Pakistan” were started but half-done. 

A quick roundup

70% of tourist places are in the northern side KPK province of Pakistan. In a nutshell, we can say that there is so much to be done in order to facilitate the industry in this remote area of KPK. Adequate measures by both the private sector and the government sector can only help in evolving this industry. Tourism opens wider opportunities for the growth of its people. It does not only help in boosting the economy of a country but also opens doors for employment for the local people. Pakistan is a hidden gem of wonderful places. The time of need is to pay attention to this sector too.

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