How To Travel On A Low Budget In Pakistan

How To Travel On A Low Budget In Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful place for both local tourists and foreigners to travel for. It has also been listed as one of the happiest countries in the world. Pakistani’s are super friendly towards the people who are visiting them. Therefore it is one of the best places for traveling.  It is the ultimate reality that traveling cost you much. A smart traveler can work on that before heading to any place.  Though planning beforehand is quite boring but to save money you must think and perceive the cost of a trip. It can also help you to solve many problems which might be on your way while traveling.

Plan Your Trip

Prior to start the journey you must plan the places you want to visit. Because on a limited budget; you cannot travel all across Pakistan. Make a route map you would be using for the places to visit. Choose the best location and route which cost you less.

plan your trip using a route map

Try To Bargain

I must say there is no other country in the world like Pakistan, where people are very good at bargaining and shoppers are also very friendly and listen to their customers. Ask for cheaper rates whether booking a hotel, hiring a bus a taxi. There are many affordable service providers that can accommodate you.


Accommodations in hilly north areas are a bit expensive. Deciding to stay in youth hostels is pretty much a cost-effective approach. To save money in hilly mountains camping is a smarter decision, it is not only cheap but also very adventuress. Remember you are traveling to experience something new and different, therefore camping is a budget-friendly and interesting choice.  

Affordable accommodation in Pakistan

Estimate Transportation Cost

There are many modes of transportation you can get when traveling. One of the cheapest modes is traveling on public transport. In case you are looking for a slightly higher but comfortable means then you can go with Daewoo. If you have planned to travel to northern areas then there are many companies provide services and arrange tours all across Pakistan.  The only drawback of this is that you have to go to the places where the company has decided to; your own map planning would not be needed. On the other hand, hiring cars are very expensive especially when you are a solo traveler.

Food Deals

Pakistan is a rich country in offering a variety of delicious cuisine. In every part of Pakistan, you will find a special dish of that place which is famous because of its taste and cultural heritage. There are many companies offering online food services. You can find the online food website and order a healthy snack at discounted prices.

online food ordering in Pakistan

A Quick Review

The general perspective about traveling in Pakistan is that this is not a safe place to travel. But the truth is that it is a secure place to have travel adventures. There are many positive events held every year in Pakistan. Now from the last couple of years when terrorist activities have almost vanished away. Many foreigners are also coming to explore the hidden beauties of Pakistan.

To travel on a tight budget you can save many rupees. Above mentioned budget-friendly tips are surely the right choices for your next trip of Pakistan.

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