How to Start Learning SEO in 2021

How to Start Learning SEO in 2021

It would help if you started learning SEO with basic concepts and questions that interest a beginner in understanding the wonderful world of SEO. And gradually move on to more specific topics related to:

  • Optimization and promotion of a website in search engines
  • Tools/services/programs that need to be used to execute them
  • How to use them correctly, quickly, and efficiently
  • Other more specific questions to form a holistic understanding of how to do SEO correctly, exciting and useful

1. What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO is a set of measures for on-site optimization and off-site promotion.

2. When SEO Dies

As long as there are search engines and a ranking system, SEO will always be there.

Even with the best site optimization, without external promotion, you will not be able to get the top 10, where there are competitors. This requires an external upgrade. It can be implemented in many ways, but we recommend contacting. They have their base of sites for drawing up a unique link profile from competitors; such sites cannot be found in exchanges. They are more cost-effective when comparing what is on sales. They are better monitored; control the indexing of your placements. The company has a lot of cases and reviews; they are professionals in their field. They can advise on how to achieve the results you need.

It just evolves every year. And an SEO specialist needs to be able to adapt to changes in search engines. An SEO specialist needs to be constantly aware of SEO news and industry changes to do effective SEO and demand.

3. Why SEO is needed

Why SEO is needed

SEO goals

  • Increasing the position of promoted keywords/phrases
  • Increase organic (from search) and referral traffic (from links)

Entrepreneurial goals

  • Increase in sales/orders
  • Increasing brand/company/product/service awareness to build a loyal (permanent) audience

An SEO specialist’s global goal is to bring happiness to the user, satisfy his needs to the fullest, and make him a loyal user.

4. What does SEO consist of

What does SEO consist of

SEO consists of such necessary work that must be done to achieve its goals.

  • Comprehensive audit
  • Target audience analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Collecting and grouping the semantic core
  • Creation of a relevance table
  • Drawing up tasks for a copywriter to write selling and informational content
  • Drawing up functions for the programmer to implement meta-tags and headings templates
  • Drawing up a task for the programmer to optimize graphic files
  • Setting up server files
  • Adding a site to the webmaster panel and installing web analytics systems
  • Adding a company to Google My Business and Directory
  • Embedding navigation elements
  • Micro-markup implementation
  • Taking measures to protect content authorship
  • Setting up mentions monitoring
  • Drawing up an anchor list of external links
  • Link promotion using expert crowd marketing, collaboration with journalists, guest posting, posting information in catalogs, reference books, ratings, and maps
  • Control of SEO work using specialized services/programs
  • Analysis of results
  • Implementation of new entry points
  • Allocating time for client questions
  • Learning new necessary tools and keeping up with the news in the SEO industry and image SEO marketing

5. Who does SEO?

Who does SEO


Defines and approves an SEO strategy for the next 1 and 3 months. Adjusts the process of promoting business through the website

SEO specialist

Draws up an SEO strategy and coordinates it with the client. Interacts with the customer, copywriter, programmer, designer, online consultant to achieve the goals


Writes informational and selling texts on the instructions of an SEO specialist, previously agreed with the customer


Fixes errors and finalizes the technical component of the site, taking into account SEO recommendations


  1. Fixes mistakes and finalizes the site design taking into account SEO recommendations. Provides graphic materials for posting on and off the site
  2. Online consultant – provides an SEO specialist with a list of the most frequent questions from users for preparing a copywriter task for preparing content.

What is important to know!

Some customers believe that an SEO specialist should have a programmer, copywriter, designer, specialist in setting up and maintaining contextual advertising and promotion in social networks.

These are the different responsibilities of different specialists. An SEO specialist has to do his job. Agree to do this work for a separate cost, if you have the appropriate skills and so that it does not affect SEO work effectiveness. However, if you take an SEO Training in Lahore, then definitely you can learn all search engine updates, and if you are already running up your website, you’re able to make sure that everything is working smoothly.

6. How long does it take to achieve SEO results?

Within one month after bug fixing and implementing a comprehensive audit recommendation and up to 1 year for complete SEO.

I recommend giving guarantees for the implementation of agreed SEO work, not the timing of achieving results. The third party is the search engines with their artificial intelligence algorithms, and the specialists’ work indicated on the previous slide.

SEO is an IT profession. And this is always teamwork, not just one specialist.

7. What determines the term for achieving results in SEO?

  • Set goals and plan for their implementation
  • SEO competencies
  • The number of competitors (sites) in the promoted topic
  • Competitiveness of a niche (subject) promotion
  • Competitiveness of encouraged keywords/phrases
  • Site age
  • Site design
  • Site responsiveness
  • Website loading speeds
  • Site CMS (content management systems or engine)
  • The presence of filters, sanctions, manual measures on the part of search engines on the site

8. What knowledge is required to start in SEO?

  1. Know the search engine optimization recommendations
  2. Find information quickly and be able to apply it promptly
  3. Take this SEO training course
  4. Be able to use SEO programs/services and tools
  5. Work with SE O data in Excel

What is important to know!

You need knowledge, not a certificate! SEO is not programming. It is not complicated, interesting, useful, and profitable. Basic SEO can be learned within 1 month.

Have some Thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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