How To Prevent Dehydration In This Humid Weather

How To Prevent Dehydration In This Humid Weather

In this hot and humid weather, it becomes more difficult to stay dry. Humidity means there is more water in the air and consequently, you sweat more. It means there are more chances of getting dehydrated. People who work in such weather especially welders, manufacturers, and people who work near heavy machinery; which is producing more heat are on the verge of dehydration. In their job, they have to wear precautionary clothes, which are not easy to wear in such extensive humid weather. There are chances that you might feel water deficiency in your body. To prevent yourself from dehydration you must follow the below-mentioned measures.

get acclimated to the heat

Get acclimated to the heat

To get acclimated to hot and humid weather you need to work out. It takes approximately two weeks to get acclimatized. To acclimatize you need more fluid to stay hydrated. You would also need to minimize the intensity of workout because your body would likely to sweat more. Precautionary measures should be taken to eliminate the chances of getting dehydrated and to avoid heat illness.

precaution during exercising

Precaution during exercising       

People, who are used to exercise no matter whatever the weather condition is, try to make sure you are drinking enough water before exercising. In case the air is containing more water particles, chances are there that you will sweat more when exercising. Such weather doesn’t let the body cool. In this way, you are just damaging the organ system of your body. To avoid yourself getting into any trouble you must drink plenty of water while exercising. Exercise in the cool time of the day will be a great initiative, probably early in the morning or in the evening when the sun has set.

stay hydrated

Stay hydrated     

Before getting into any trouble or getting the feeling of thirst you must take some precautionary measures. In hot and humid weather chances are there you face warm weather-related illnesses. There is a myth about soft drinks and other drinks like tea, coffee that they are also an alternative to water. Although these drinks include water they are not recommended as replacement of water. You must avoid caffeine and sodas. It will be better if you are having a vending machine near your workplace; have some healthy snakes and drinks which will induce you to stay hydrated and improve your productivity at the workplace.

avoid going out in the hottest time of day

Avoid going out in the hottest time of day

During the middle of the day, the sun is at its peak and it’s the hottest time of the day. It is recommended to avoid going out in such extreme weather. In hot weather, try to plan all the outdoor activities at the coolest time of the day. In case if you need to go out then dress up using loose and thin clothes. Don’t wear dark colors as they absorb more heat.

Wrapping it up

Remember prevention is better than cure. Dehydration can lead people to many serious diseases, especially young children and old age people. Sweating more means losing more fluid from your body, therefore, you will also lose Electrolytes from the body. Electrolytes are the minerals which help in balancing water level in the body and help nerves performing well. For proper function of the body in this intense weather above mentioned are best tips to cure dehydration. To stay healthy and hydrated drink enough amount of water in a day!

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