How to Have the Perfect Family Day at a Water Park

How to Have the Perfect Family Day at a Water Park

Waterparks are the ideal family destinations. The different pools and water features ensure there are many activities children of all ages will enjoy doing.

Teens will love the long water slides, wave pools, and other more exciting rides and features.

On the other hand, younger children won’t want to leave the kiddie pools, splash pads, water playgrounds, and other child-friendly features.

All water parks in Abu Dhabi also have a variety of pools and water features where the entire family can engage in plenty of activities together.

All these reasons make water parks the perfect place that can provide hours of fun and entertainment to all families.

Preparing for a Great Water Park Getaway

Sufficient planning is crucial if you want your family to have fun and be safe throughout your day trip to an aquapark.

After all, failing to bring a key item or understand a particular policy can turn a supposedly enjoyable and memorable day into one full of headaches and problems that may cause you to avoid going to another water park again.

If you want to have the perfect family day at a water park, make sure to follow these tips:

1.    Select the best day for your water park trip.

Select the best day for your water park trip

For most families, weekends and holidays are the best time to go to an aquapark. This is something you can consider if you don’t mind mingling with many people.

However, if you don’t want to deal with crowds, you will do well to schedule your trip on a weekday instead of a weekend.

But if you’re going to a waterpark during summer, expect plenty of people even if you are going on a weekday. The upside is that the queues will be shorter than they would be on weekends.

This means that you and your family won’t have to wait too long to go on your preferred rides and slides. Additionally, there will be fewer guests with you at the pools and features.

2.    Read about your destination.

Read about your destination

When going on a family getaway, the last thing you want to happen is to experience plenty of unpleasant surprises.

You can avoid these stressful situations during your waterpark getaway by researching your destination beforehand.

Visit the aquapark’s website and find out what facilities are available. It should have a variety of pools, slides, and features that can accommodate all members of your family.

You will also do well to check what amenities the park has that will make your stay here convenient, comfortable, and fun. Examples of these are cabanas, lockers, restaurants, and parking space.

Also, if you have younger children, check the height restrictions for all the rides and slides beforehand. By doing so, you will know which features you shouldn’t bring your little ones to, allowing you to minimise their pleas (which can turn into tantrums) to go on these features that they won’t be allowed on.

Find out what other perks come with your day pass as well. You will have fewer things to worry about and pack if everyone will be provided free life vests and towels, or if you can rent them at reasonable rates.

Lastly, find out what items you can and can’t bring inside the park to avoid plenty of hassles.

3.    Bring everything your family needs for your one-day trip.

3.    Bring everything your family needs for your one-day trip.

Packing all waterpark essentials and some extras can ensure everyone will have a fun time at the aquapark, including yourself.

Create a list of things everyone needs to bring for the getaway. This should include all essentials, such as their swimwear, cover-up or kaftans, flip-flops or aqua shoes, towels, and beach hats.

Make sure this packing list also includes extra clothes, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

As a parent, you have to bring a few things, especially if you have toddlers who are not potty-trained yet, such as swim diapers, baby wipes, and other toiletries.

Also, you will do well to bring your little ones’ favourite snacks, boxed juice and milk, and water to ensure they have something they can eat and drink during breaks.

Don’t forget to pack their favourite toys and books to keep them entertained when they are not splashing in the water.

Assist your little ones in preparing their bags and allow your teens to pack their own.

Another option is to pack your younger kids’ bags or their things on their own to ensure you bring everything they need.

4.    Arrive early at the park.

Arrive early at the park

Whether you have already bought your tickets or not, make sure you get there early. By doing so, you and your family will likely avoid larger crowds and you and your group will be the first in line for the different rides and features.

Arriving early at the waterpark also means everyone can go on more rides, have more time splashing and swimming at the various pools, and explore the other features.

Visit the aquapark’s website to find out what time they open, and make sure you arrive there at least half an hour before it.

Also, have everyone get to bed early the night before your trip to the waterpark to ensure no one oversleeps and everyone can still have a good breakfast and do some additional preparation work, if there are any.

5.    Set the times for lunch and snack breaks and your departure. 

nd snack breaks and your departure.

If your teens want to explore the waterpark on their own or with their friends and you want them to join you for snacks and lunch, tell them what time you plan on having them.

Tell them what time you want to leave the park as well.

Give your teens waterproof watches so they can keep track of time and remind them that everyone must follow the schedule.

If you want to take some family photos, tell your teens to be at a designated meeting place at the exact hour.

6.    Explore the waterpark as a family.

Explore the waterpark as a family

Finally, aside from going on rides and having fun getting wet all day, take some time to explore the park and the nearby attractions or places.

An hour or so before leaving, take a walk around the waterpark. Take plenty of photos of the whole family, the different attractions, and other picturesque sceneries.

Also, don’t forget to buy some mementoes from the souvenir shops.

If the aquapark is near a beach or other well-known attractions, visit them with your family, too.

To ensure everyone has fun at the waterpark, follow these simple tips. Doing so ensures you will also have more time enjoying the different features and activities than worrying about and dealing with some snags and glitches.


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