How to build a Blog on WordPress in 15 Minutes Step by Step Guide

How to build a Blog on WordPress in 15 Minutes Step by Step Guide

Millennials were fond of writing diaries to record their feelings and share gen. Big, heavy, colourful and decorated diaries, feeling nostalgic!

Time has changed, those diaries have modified into “electronic diaries”. Yes, those electronic diaries combine to form a whole blogging industry exists today. A blog can be termed as the expression of yourself, your personal story, your daily routine whether it is monotonous or adventurous. People from all over the world write numerous blogs and globally it has been followed and slowly gradually blogging have become a trend.

So, let’s get trendy and cram how to start your very own custom WordPress Blog. WordPress website design made it a super simple yet commendable platform to create a blog.

In this guide, we’ll show you step by step how custom WordPress development services aids in building a Blog within 15 minutes

So for creating a blog, the following are the super simple steps;

  • Signing up for web hosting provider
  • Select a domain name
  • Install WordPress
  • Create an account and write your first blog
  • Show some creativity by picking attractive themes
  • Then, installation of some important plugins

None of these steps requires in-depth technical knowledge and we’ll show you the whole process of how to set up a blog in detail.

Creating Blog

As you are starting now, we strongly acclaim you to go with the option of the self-hosted version. Your own site provides you with priceless control and pays out your exertion into the management. Practically, there are no limits of a self-hosted blog as WordPress development services provides services for your ease, plugins you want to install , ads to run also liberation to monetize the blog the way you want. Before installing WordPress, there is a need for web hosting which actually allocate and manage both your domain and data. There are many sites which provide remarkable and affordable hosting services with Free Domain, site security with SSL certificate, installation of WordPress and 24/7 support on lowest price options. After getting hosted by hosting provider, WordPress can be easily installed and you can have a working blog. Guess what! No Tech complexities…!

To ensure online presence and popularity of your blog, the following are the essentials;

  • Hosting – a tool that clouts your site
  • Domain – it is the blog’s perpetual address

The following steps will explain how to register with Hosting Website and also installation of WordPress;

1.   Logon to your Hosting Provider website

Visit ***.com and click “Get Started”

2.   Select the feasible hosting plan

As a beginner, we recommend you to choose a basic plan which can be upgraded on pro when your blog boosts up and starts receiving massive traffic.

3.   Input a domain name

As this is your first time, you will have to register a fresh domain by entering a name and extension i.e. .org, .net, .com etc. and then click “Next”. You can proceed your registration process, if the entered name is available otherwise you will have to enter another domain name.

4.   Register your account

For registration, you will have to fill a registration form with billing details and some personal details.

5.   Select your hosting options

For a beginner, the recommended and most suitable package is the 12-month package which suggests the basics at the lowest charges.

6.   Set your password

Password will be required in the final step which will also be used for verification henceforth.

7.   Log in to your new account

TADA! You have a new website now. Login to your account and continue with the setup.

8.   Choose your WordPress theme

Chap, this is your creativity test. Pick the best option for your website and create the most engaging interface of your brand.

Now you’ve completed the sign-up procedure, the next step is to install the WordPress software. Sounds scary, don’t worry you’ll be stunned after going through steps and knowing that installation of WordPress is just a piece of cake. As we told, you’ve completed sign-up process now you’ll receive an email from web hosting provider with complete directives on how to log in to the Customer Area.

Now log in to your account, as it is your new account you’ll get a simple tutorial that will guide you about the installation of WordPress on your new site.

Believe me, it is a super simple process to install WordPress development services with hosting website.  Click My Site button on the right and then click the Create Site button to launch the wizard. Once the installation will be completed, you can easily access your brand new blog’s dashboard by accessing URL

Write your first Blog Post:

As in previous sections, you’ve learned how to create a WordPress Blog. You must be excited to write your first blog, isn’t it?

To write a blog, first, log in to your blog and click on Dashboard. Clicking on the dashboard will open an interface “WordPress Editor” which allows you to write your blog post supported by spontaneous blocking process. You can add text by just clicking the button, similarly, images can be added, videos from device or online can be embedded and also you have got the freedom to add new blocks or sections.

Change your blog looks:

Creating a WordPress blog gives you access to WordPress website design’s vast pool of appealing and engaging themes. Also, it provides access to essential plugins that aid in creating blogpost and articles;

  • Themes – Appearance of your blog
  • Plugins – Functionality of your blog

On creating your first WordPress blog, you’ll be directed to a default theme which is activated or it must be the theme you have chosen while setting registered Account. But, theme choice isn’t that limited, there are thousands of themes on WordPress development services to glorify the front face of your blog. If you’ve found the theme that you think will suit perfectly on your blogpost then following are the steps to add that beauty on your site;

Here’s how:

  • Float over Appearance Option
  • Click on Themes Button
  • Now Click the Add New button

Make sure to click the Activate Button to activate the theme on your site after installation.

You must be excited to know that, WordPress website design allows further customization in Themes by WordPress Customizer. The facility allows you to make specific and personalized nips in your blogpost without code technicality.

It can be accessed by clicking Appearance → Customize:

Add functionality in your blogpost:

Themes elevate the look of your blogpost, whereas plugins are designed to aid and add functionality to your blog. In the previous section, we’d discussed that “WordPress Editor” allows you to write a blog which is restricted to two options; write a blog and create the page. Here what plugins do; add more advance functions like Contact Pages, Social Media Links, Backups and SEO activation etc.

Just think of a possible feature, there must be a plugin for it as WordPress development services offer over 50,000 free plugins and thousands of premium plugins.

Here’s a quick guide for installation of WordPress Plugin:

  • Steer to Plugins then click “Add New” button
  • Enter plugin name and click Install Now in case of a Free Plugin
  • Click Upload Plugin and upload the ZIP file you’ve received when you’ve done the purchase.
  • Remember to Activate the plugin after installation
  • Plugins can be easily managed in Plugins Tabs

Maintenance of WordPress blog/website

Following are the three interfaces that should be maintained accordingly;

Front Interface

As the name depicts, this interface will be visible to the readers of your blog on access. The themes and its customization are usually the main display of your front interface in a WordPress blog/website. The front interface permits the readers to comment and share your expression on social media.

9.   Back End

Normally termed as WordPress Dashboard, specifically used for the overlook and manage your site content, functionality and web design.


The Dashboard is the WordPress development service administration panel consists of three main parts; left hand menu, toolbar on the top and middle block. Left Hand Column has all the administrative options and blocks primarily focused on the creative aspect of your blog post.

Creating Free Blog

Many people out there, are not interested in learning about WordPress website design and WordPress development service. What they need is a platform to express their feelings and stories. We have sorted that too with writing a blog by registering a free account. After following formerly given steps, you’ll be able to write your first blog without spending a single penny.

  • Visit and click “Get Started” button
  • Select your website type (portfolio, blog or online business/store)
  • Pick a theme
  • Put a catchy name and select the first option
  • Select the option “Start with Free”
  • Fill in the registration form and click on the “Create my account” button

After your click, the nifty background working of WordPress will create your site, you can log into your blog and start writing. Furthermore, you can change the interface of the site by changing themes, adding widgets and multiplying new posts, blogs and articles.

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