How Cable Tray Manufacturing Industry Growing in Pakistan?

How Cable Tray Manufacturing Industry Growing in Pakistan?


Whether it’s a long, complex, or skinny wire inside your building – the cable tray will keep them all organized. These trays allow maintenance workers easy access to cables to be cared for without complicated procedures.

When you require durable, reliable, and best monetizing Electrical hardware & construction materials or installation, our team is here for all your needs.

Bring your business to the next level by partnering with a company that’s been around for over 70 years. We assure you of being the best cable tray manufacturer in Pakistan.

We have all the tools you need, from durable equipment and materials manufacturing services to installation work on building facades or even electrical engineering projects like power plants!

Best Cable Tray Manufacturer in Pakistan:

Pakistan is a country of technological advancements with its industrial revolution. Over the years, Pakistanis have relied on Al Fazal Engineering for their cable trays.

Al Fazal Engineering have been in the cable tray manufacturing business for over 30 years. They supply quality trays all across Pakistan and offer fast turnaround times to meet your needs!

Different Types of Cable Trays:

Al Fazal Engineering has been providing quality cable trays for years, and as a result, they are now one of the most popular companies in their industry. We offer a wide range of products that our customers will love. We have different types and styles available, so there’s something for everyone.

Our high-quality products are worth buying. With our wide variety of cable trays and accessories, we are confident that you will be able to find something for your needs.

Some of our top-quality cable trays include;

  1. Ladder cable tray
  2. Perforated cable tray
  3. Cable duct – cable trunking
  4. Unistrut Channel
  5. Cable tray supporting System

Ladder Cable Tray Manufacturers and Suppliers in Pakistan:

Cable tray suppliers offer a variety of Ladder Trays that can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Al Fazal Engineering provides a cost-saving alternative to traditional Ladder Cable trays with their flexible, easy, and fast installation process. We provide these products so your business can be more efficient.

Our ladder cable tray provides the perfect solution for managing your cables. The design allows you to access any point on both sides.

With our ladder cable tray, you can route and secure your cables in an easy-to-access manner. The sharp ends are cut off so they don’t penetrate the insulation, which could cause damage or interfere with other components along the way!

Ladder cable trays from Al Fazal Engineering can hold more weight than any other type, ranging in size up to 1200 mm. These lightweight and durable ladders are perfect for storing heavy networks with comprehensive bandwidth requirements such as video or audio cables while still allowing enough space underneath them, so they do not block accessways during installation.

Perforated Cable Tray Manufacturers and Suppliers in Pakistan:

Our perforated cable trays are among the best ones in the market, which are suitable for;

  • Power cable
  • power instrument and
  • Data cables

Further, the materials for perforated trays are listed below;

  • GI material
  • MS hot dip galvanized
  • 304 and 316 stainless steel cable trays
  • powder paint

With a wide range of cable trays available, we have something that will suit your needs. Cable tray dimensions may be as short as 1 meter or long as six meters! The thickness varies from 20 SWG to 12 SWG (1 mm to 2.5 mm).

Cable Duct – Cable Trunking Manufacturers and Supplier in Pakistan:

Al Fazal Engineering manufactures and supplies cable ducts in Pakistan, which are similar to trays but have solid bottoms. These can be used for small cables such as instruments or data lines; they’re more compact than traditional metal frames while still providing adequate protection against bending under pressure (which may cause insulation damage).

It can vary in size as follows;

  • 50-600mm in width
  • 50-200mm in height

Further, we use the following materials for such trays;

  • GI Sheet
  • MS HDG
  • Fire Retardant Paint
  • Powder Paint

Unistrut Channel Manufacturers and Supplier in Pakistan:

We have a wide range of Uni Strut channels for your convenience. Our MS/GI sheet is made from the best quality material available on earth, which means you can count on it to last long and provide support where needed most.

We use only high-quality materials in our Uni Strut Channel, available in different lengths to suit your needs. We recommend this product for cable tray supports or hangers because it’s made from top-quality Pakistani stainless steel sheets and will last years without rusting!

We offer two types of Unistrut channels;

  1. Slotted
  2. Unslotted

Al Fazal Engineering is a top-notch company with the supply capacity to produce 2000 meters per day of Uni struts channels.

With our vast Uni Strut channel supply capacity, Al Fazal Engineering can meet the demands of all struts consumers. We offer complete fitting ranges with accessories for every application imaginable!

Further, we use the following finishing materials for Unistrut channels;

  • Hot-dip Galvanized
  • Powder paint
  • GI

Lastly, the dimensions of Unistrut channels are;

  • Dimensions of 41x41mm to 41x25mm
  • Thickness 1.2mm to 2.5mm

Cable Tray Supporting System Manufacturer and Supplier in Pakistan:

Our company specializes in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of cable tray systems required to be used along with ladder or perforated trays.

They are as under;

  1. Perforated Angle for Cable trays supporting system
  2. Perforated c channel for cable tray supporting system
  3. Cable tray supporting system that has Floor mounted support system
  4. Cable tray Manufacturer in Pakistan
  5. Wall-mounted supports for cable tray supporting system
  6. Threading Rod for cable tray supporting system
  7. Uni strut cantilever for cable tray supporting system
  8. Tray supporting system has Roof hanging supports for cable

Cable Trays Estimated Prices:

Al-Fazal engineering supplies a variety of cable trays that are budget-friendly. They are usually low priced, outstanding quality, and perfectly designed to meet your needs.

However, to know the prices of our products, contact our team for better and more practical guidance.

Contact our team or email us for better prices and reviews.


Al Fazal Engineering is a leader in the industry, supplying high-quality trays to every corner of Pakistan.

Cable tray manufacturers in Pakistan are increasing and outgrowing with significant progress. Our company provides you with one of the best cable trays in the country that are cheap and high-quality.

However, Al Fazal Engineering has been in the cable tray industry for years and is committed to providing high-quality products. They have an extensive line of trays found all over Pakistan!

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