How and Where French Fries were Invented?

How and Where French Fries were Invented?

Talking about “French Fries” is itself a mouth-watering discussion, as this foodstuff is loved by almost all of us. Usually or occasionally we eat fries with yummylicious order along with other condiments but while eating have you ever noticed one thing? Has your mind ever clicked for a question about how these super delicious foodstuff is being invented and where it belongs to?

Here I know some of you will say yes while others are thinking about “who cares, I just wanna mind my business with fries ketchup”. Funny though!

So today we are unwrapping this invention and its background. For better understanding and interesting facts about french fries invention, you can watch this interesting video.

Although fries are not fresh, they have traced back to their origin from Belgium where old poor villagers used to fry potatoes for the first time. Poor villagers of Meuse valley used to eat fried fish as their staple food. But in extreme winters the river surface froze and it made it impossible for villagers to catch fish. Thus they came to the idea of using rooted vegetables such as potatoes to fry the same way as they used to fry fish. This dish turned out very delicious for them and they used to eat these fried potatoes often.

During world war 1, American soldiers stationed in Belgium were served with these fried potato pieces. They found them very delicious and introduced in other origins as well. As the regional language of Belgium was French so they named them “French Fries”.
So, now you know the origin of fries. Then what are you waiting for? Go and make some for you and do share this information with others!

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