Historical Places Of Lahore

Historical Places Of Lahore

Every city of Pakistan has own value but the Lahore is the heart of Pakistan. Lahore is the second biggest city of Pakistan. Lahore is famous because of its beauty an shining. The second name of Lahore is “The City Of Lights”. Lahore is a city impossible to ignore because of its shine and memorable places. The famous words for Lahore “If you have not seen Lahore, you have not been born”.

Lahore is famous because of its taste. Many of the tourist visit Lahore because of its taste and lights. Lahore is a city of hilarious people. Lahore famous because of it’s beautiful places and the beautiful hearts of people.

Here are some famous and historical places of Lahore:

Badshahi mosque

Badshahi mosque is the most famous and historical place for visitors. Badshahi mosque famous because of it’s beautiful architecture. Badshahi mosque reminds the history of Mughal’s. The Mughal king Aurangzeb Alamgir was build this mosque for the purpose of Muslims prayers. Badshahi mosque is one of the biggest mosque have a space for around 40,000 people for worshiping in a single prayer session. The interesting thing about the Badshahi mosque it is made entirely of red sandstone. Badshahi mosque attracts the visitors because of its beauty and the things that belong from Badshahi mosque. The exterior of Badshahi mosque has shown the interested of Mughal’s and show their selection and choice about stone and architecture.

Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort is the most beautiful and famous place for tourists. Lahore Fort is located in nort-western corner. Lahore Fort is famous as a name of “Shahi Qila” because this was a place of Mughal’s where Mughal’s family’s was lives.Lahore Fort was built by the legendary of Mughal’s Mehmood of Ghazni. Lahore Fort attracts the attention of tourists because of use the material for its architecture. The “Sheesh Mahal” was totally built with a white marbles and the white stones. It’s show the history living style of Mughal’s. Lahore Fort has the most beautiful place because there are so many interesting things about Mughal’s history. Lahore Fort is one of a king Mughal structure.

Masjid Wazir Khan

Wazir Khan Mosque built by the governor of the Punjab Hakim Shaikh Illm-ud-din Ansari. The construction of the Wazir Khan mosque starts in 1634. Wazir Khan Mosque is very near to the Badshahi Mosque. The main purpose to build this Mosque was for Friday prayer. The construction period of Wazir Khan Mosque was around seven years and this Mosque has their own beauty and value. The design of Wazir Khan Mosque has unique and elegant. The most beautiful thing about Wazir Khan Mosque there is a Tomb of Syed Mohammad Ishaq Gazrooni.

Shalamar Gardens

Shalamar garden is a place for those who love the beauty of nature Shalamar garden is the best place of fresh air. The Shalamar garden is a UNESCO world Heritage Site and also known as Shalamar garden. Shalamar garden was built in 1641 by the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. This is a great example of the famous architectural skill of the Mughal Empire. In the middle of Shalamar garden there are three terraces known as Hayat Baksh, Faiz Baksh and Farah Baksh.

Lahore Museum

Lahore museum is the best place to learn about the history of Pakistan. Lahore museum was built in the 18th century. Everything about the history of Pakistan available in the Lahore Museum. All about the culture, war and the tradition everything has available in the Lahore museum.


Minar-e-Pakistan is known as the perfect representation of Ideology of Pakistan. Minar-e-Pakistan is located in the Iqbal Park that is one of the largest country’s Urban Park. Minar-e-Pakistan built during the 1960s. all India Muslim League conference was held at this place in 23rd March 1940 that’s why it hold a special patriotic sentiment for the country.

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