Explore Lahore Places | Population, Area and Famous Places

Explore Lahore Places | Population, Area and Famous Places

Pakistan is the most beautiful and have a full of the land resourcefull country in the world. In Pakistan, there are so many famous cities. Lahore is also one of the favorite cities of Pakistan. Lahore is the second largest and biggest city in the country. Lahore is the capital of Punjab state and 25th rank in the worldwide. Lahore is famous due to its beautiful and historical places. Lahore is also renowned for their food streets. Lahore is the best visiting place for tourists. There are so many famous and popular places to visit in Lahore.

The population of Lahore

As according to the 2018 counting, Lahore’s population was around 9.3 Million. Government hence estimates put the community at somewhere to be about 10 million as which makes it the second largest city in Pakistan, after the city of Karachi.

Area of Lahore

The area of Lahore city is around 1,772 kilometers

Famous Places in Lahore

  • Badshahi Mosque: This mosque hence renowned known by the name of the Imperial mosque. This fantastic mosque was built over the year 1971. It completed with its construction over the year 1973. It would not be wrong to say this place is a complete historical destination to be the part of right now. It is the worth visiting place in the city of Lahore by the side of the family sort picnics.
  • Grand Famous Jamia Mosque: You will be finding this beautiful mosque in place of Bahria Town inside Lahore. This mosque is mentioned to be the 7th largest mosque in the world and yet the 3rd most significant form of the mosque inside the place of Pakistan. 
  • Wazir Khan Mosque: This has been one of the most beautiful and best mosques to visit in Lahore. This mosque has all adorned with the worth marbles and clusters. This place has all flooded with the perfect image of the Indo-Islamic form of the architecture.
  • Data Durbar: This place has famously known as the old category of the Muslim shrine. This place is located as near to the Bhatti gate venue in place of Lahore. This place is best known for seeking the blessings and has been best welcome by the Muslims all along with the non muslims too.
  • Shia Masjid Lahore: For depicting out the actual image of the Shia culture, you can visit the fantastic Shia Masjid in Lahore. This place is excellent to visit and has always crowded with the people who are part of the final jafriya.
  • Bagh-e-Jinnah: This place in Lahore has been made extra beautiful with the collaboration of the Jinnah library being part of it. This library gives out the perfection of the baroque white palace that flooded with the treasure of books inside it. This garden is famously known by the name of Lawrence garden as well. You can visit it either for picnic purposes or even for reading the best books from the library.
  • Jilani Park: This park located in place of Lahore at the side of Jail Road. This park has always remained the main center of attraction for arranging the shows as well as exhibitions of flowers in the spring season.
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  1. humayoun mussawar

    Thanks for sharing the list of all-time best places to visit in Lahore. It was believed to be founded by Prince Lava, the son of Sita and Rama. Lahore is also known as “the city of gardens” because of its beautiful and lush green gardens.

  2. izzah

    Lahore is the lively and happening city of Pakistan. From food to shopping to historical sightseeing, it is packed with hundreds of tourist spots and interesting things to do.


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