Eid Ul Adha Things To Do in 2020

Eid Ul Adha Things To Do in 2020

Eid ul Adha is considered to be one of the biggest events of Muslims. It is also known as ‘Big Eid’ or ‘Festival of Sacrifice’. Eid festivities for Pakistanis are a piece of joy and happiness. Eid ul Adha is celebrated in the whole world on the 10th of Zil-Hajj. People meet and greet their relatives and friends with happiness and forget past grudges. Here are some tips you can follow to make your Eid celebration memorable.

Arrange the animal for sacrifice

Eid ul Adha is a special occasion which is celebrated in remembrance of the sacrifice made by Prophet Ibrahim PBUH for the sack of Allah. You probably have to arrange the animal for sacrifice for the Eid. You must visit the farm one or few days before Eid to arrange the animal. Usually in Pakistan people divides the sacrificed meat into three parts. One third is kept for the family; the other one third is distributed among relatives, friends, and neighbors. The last one-third part is for the needy, with the idea that no one is left without meat on the Eid day

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Plan beforehand

Discuss the things you would be doing for Eid day. You must have to plan it beforehand so you can have more fun on the day. Discuss with your family, siblings, what you will be doing after sacrificing the animal.  Decide the menu for Eid. Discuss the menu ideas with family in case if you are going to prepare it, then other family members involvement can help you in preparation. Select the dress you would be wearing and keep that ironed in your cupboard.

A journey through Hajj

This Eid is also special for the Muslims because they perform Hajj in this month. Review the Hajj with your children and tell them the stories, like why Muslims run between Safa and Marwa hills located in great Mosque Masjid Al-Haram. Take your kids to meet a person who recently has completed his/her Hajj.

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Celebrate with family and Friends

Eid festivities are for friends and family gets to gathers.  You must have to celebrate it with the family and have dinner friends too. On this day people eat red meat the whole day and prepare the dishes, you can also share these neighbors and friends. Plan it to have first with the family and the second with your friends. This Eid is best to have a barbecue party with them.

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Plan to hang out

This is the day of enjoyment and has fun with the family. Don’t sit at home wasting time watching TV shows. You need to plan a long drive and hang out to have the absolute fun on the day. Have a really entertaining time spent with your family.

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Spend time with needy people

There are many needy people spending their Eid in Eidi center or orphan homes. These are the people probably who have lost their loved ones. Giving your best time on this special occasion is the best virtue. Showing love and affection towards them can bring a smile on their faces.  And this smile will not only bring a positive change to your life, but to those are around you.

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