Details & Pictures Of Miss Pakistan From Last 10 Years

Details & Pictures Of Miss Pakistan From Last 10 Years

Miss Pakistan World

Miss Pakistan World Canada showcases the beauty of Pakistani women from all over the world. This pageant was started by Sonia Ahmed in 2002 under the name Miss Canada Pakistan
The first Miss World of Pakistan to be crowned was Zehra Shirazi on February 1, 2003. He moved to New Jersey, USA in 2014, and then to Canada in 2016.

1. Arooj Bokhari – 2019

Arooj Bokhari, 23-year-old from Lahore, Pakistan, but studying in Kensington, United Kingdom, is currently representing Pakistan in the Miss World of Pakistan 2019 30th World Miss University 2019 competition to be held on Jeju Island, Korea. Bukhari, a well-spoken beauty with a mind, and a law graduate performed justice and represented Miss World of Pakistan highly.

2. Diya Ali – 2017/2018

Pakistani model Diya Ali becomes one of the hottest models to look for. Her amazing and mesmerizing eyes have given Diya instant fame. She has represented Pakistan at Miss World International in 2017 and won the Miss Perpetual title at Miss Asia Pacific International 2016 in the Philippines.

Diya, who has previously represented Pakistan at Miss World International 2017 in Kosovo, has a certificate of any sponsorship or endorsement and is ready to compete in the next competition in 80 other contestants. She represented Pakistan in Egypt in the international beauty pageant called Miss Eco International 2018.

3. Ramina Ashfaque – 2016/2017

Ramina Ashfaque is the famous Pakistani model and actress who is known as a titleholder for portraying Pakistani beauty. She was crowned Pakistani Miss World 2016 and is currently competing as Miss Philippines 2017 in October 2017. Some of her other achievements include Miss Charity Queen International 2015, Miss World of Pakistan 2015, Miss World Florida 2016 and Miss World USA 2016.

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4. Anzhelika Tahir – 2015

Anzhelika Tahir is the most beautiful Pakistani-Ukrainian model and Lollywood actress. She has won the Pakistani Miss World 2015 and sent to represent Pakistan in Miss Earth 2016. In 2016, he entered the Pakistani film industry. She made her Pakistani film debut, ‘Na Band Na Baraati’, with Meekal Zulfiqar, Ali Kazmi and Qawi Khan in the leading role.

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5. Aatka Feroz – 2014

The most charming look Pakistani beauty titleholder, 20 years old Aatka Feroz was crowned Miss Pakistan World 2014 on September 14, 2014 in New Jersey, USA. Aatka is ranked as the youngest Miss World of Pakistan in 12 years, was about to win the title when she was just 19 years old.

6. Shanzay Hayat – 2013

Shanzay Hayat is a Pakistani beauty pageant holder from Islamabad, Pakistan and was crowned Miss World of Pakistan 2013 on August 30, 2013, in Toronto. She was also awarded Miss Talent, Miss Popularity and Miss Perfect 10. She made history in Pakistani Miss World, becoming the first titleholder to receive a total of 4 awards.

7. Zanib Naveed – 2012

The 25-year-old beauty from New York, representing Lahore, defeated 10 contestants. He received the award on August 24, 2012. She will represent Pakistan in the third largest beauty pageant of Miss World Earth.
Former Pakistani Miss World Zainab Naveed has died in a car accident in the United States when he was 32 years old.

8. Sanober Hussain – 2011

Pakistani-born fashion model Sanobar Hussain was named “Miss World of Pakistan” in Canada last month, with the 23-year-old eighth Pakistani women winning the award. She is a Pakistani-British model and a beauty of Pakistan. She was crowned Pakistani Miss World on September 9, 2011.
Hussain became the first Pakistani contestant to win subtitle awards for Miss Earth 2011 (Miss Friendship) and (Miss Congeniality).

9. Annie Rupani – 2010

The beauty queen, nicknamed “Ramadan Queen (was crowned in the month of Ramadan), Annie Rupani was crowned Miss World of Pakistan 2010 on August 20, 2010. The 21-year-old hails from Sugarland, Houston, Texas, USA, and is the ninth Miss World of Pakistan. Rupani participated in the Miss Intercultural 2012 held in Miami, Florida in June 2012.

10. Ayesha Gilani Taylor – 2009

The most famous Pakistani-American TV anchor, Ayesha Gilani is also a former model who hosts the story Pakistani on VOA. She is the beauty queen of Pakistani origin who won the title of Miss World of Pakistan 2009 on June 27 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She also won the Miss Congenital title. Ayesha is famous as the Miss World 2009.

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