Delve Into Karachi’s Nine Most Amazing Places

Delve Into Karachi’s Nine Most Amazing Places

Karachi is the city of lights in Pakistan. This is the largest city of Pakistan and 5th largest in the world. Pakistan is fortunate enough to have beautiful places and historical monuments. Another reason for this place great attraction is sea view. As tourism is growing in Pakistan; Karachi is also receiving handsome numbers of tourist every year. Karachi is a business hub and as well as a tourist spot has some amazing places. Check the list of some wonderful places you should visit.


1.         Mizar-e-Quaid

Mizar-r-Quaid is one of the most historic and famous places, which everyone should be visiting. Karachi is famous because of this tomb in the world. This was built in 1959-1969 as a monument of the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam. Special ceremonies are held every year here; one on 23rd March and the other one on 14 August, on Independence Day every year. Special Parade ceremonies are a worth watch if you are here on these dates. 

 Safari Park

2.         Safari Park

Safari park of Karachi is a ‘family only’ park located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. This Park has several exotic species which attracts tourist the most. Some of the other points of attractions are elephant enclave, chairlift, and swan lakes are amusements for the visitors. Therefore it can become the center stage of your attraction in vacations.

Clifton sea view

3.         Clifton sea view

In Karachi, you will find a lot of beach beaches for exploring. Clifton sea view Karachi is from one of those stunning beaches that attract people to come and see. This beach is excellent leisure for the visitors and people who would love to walk along the coastline in some cool breeze. When visiting this spot you will witness some of the amazing views of the sunset and full moon at night.

Mohatta Palace

4.         Mohatta Palace

This is another most fascinating palace of Karachi. It is also important because of its history. It was built by an Indian Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta. Now, it has become a great tourist place particularly for educational point of view.

5.         Churna Island

To have the true adventure on your trip, you must give this island a visit. It is a small island located in the Arabian Sea. It is a great spot for tourist for fun-filled activities like scuba diving, underwater photography, jet skiing, cliff diving, speed boating, free diving and many other amazing activities you can enjoy. This is a breathtaking place of Pakistan in Karachi you must visit.

Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim

6.         Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim

This park was built in 2007 but it just looked like a waste. But the good news is that recently in March Prime Minister Imran Khan has inaugurated this park for public use. Before that, it was considered as a waste. It was restored and renovated over the years, now it has some lush greenery which attracts many people to visit there and spend some quality time with friends and family

Hawke’s Bay sew viewpoint

7.         Hawke’s Bay sea viewpoint

Hawke’s Bay Karachi is a famous beach. I just say your trip would be incomplete if you are not visiting this sea viewpoint. Hundreds of people come over here every day for a spectacular sandy beach ride, picnic, swimming and riding horse and camel. It has clear blue water and very popular among tourist around the world.

Pakistan Air Force Museum

8.         Pakistan Air Force Museum

This museum is located in PAF Base Faisal. Pakistan Air Force museum is considered a renowned air force museum. Many old aircraft and other military equipment are showcased here. Quaid- e-Azam’s historical craft is also displayed there. The museum is a worth visiting place of Karachi.

  Port Grand karachi

9.         Port Grand

This place is as pretty as a picture and a great addition in Karachi’s tourist’s spot.  This is one of the most beautiful places in Karachi where people came to enjoy. It facilitates travelers with some of the delicious food in town, port bazaar and a lot more. It is considered a world-class tourist destination to attract people from all around the country and beyond.

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Karachi is one of the most populous cities in Pakistan. You must give these top nine places a visit in winters. Because this is probably the best time to travel here.  To enjoy your trips here book a hotel of your choice for ease.

We love to find amazing places in Pakistan for tourist. If you have any question or comments do tell us in the comments section below.

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