Coronavirus Shuts all Pakistan Limits Flights Closes Borders Schools and Universities

Coronavirus Shuts all Pakistan Limits Flights Closes Borders Schools and Universities

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has demanded that his citizens “not panic” while raising Coronavirus cases in the country. Due to increased cases of coronavirus, it seems that Coronavirus Shuts all Pakistan. Pakistan cannot afford to close its cities at this time. Pakistan has recorded at least 447 cases including 2 deaths of coronavirus to till date, most have returned home from neighboring Iran.

The city administration on Tuesday decided to close all shrines, gyms, swimming pools and play areas for children for three weeks. This step taken after several incidents of the infection reported in Karachi, Quetta, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab.

Coronavirus Shuts All Pakistan

Mahmood said,” It has decided to close all educational institutions in the country by April 5″. He added that the Ministry of Education will decide on March 27 whether to extend the closure and apply to all public and private schools, universities and professional institutions”.

i. All the shrines (shrines / dargahs) will remain close for 3 weeks.

ii. All Gyms, physical training camps, swimming pools will be closed for 3 weeks.

iii. “Read Notifications”, all playgrounds for children will close for 3 weeks.

iii. Coronavirus Shuts all Pakistan as decided that all borders will remain closed for 15 days.

iv. The Sindh government announced March 13 that the remaining matches of PSL 2020 in Karachi will be played behind closed doors. The Pakistan Super League (PSL) knockout fixtures postponed indefinitely due to a sudden increase in cases of coronavirus in Pakistan.

v. The Coronavirus is likely to have an impact on Pakistan’s economy as the outbreak has affected the global markets.

vi. Coronavirus effects very badly Pakistan’s economy Gold prices decreases by Rs 800 on 18th March 2020 as coronavirus rises rapidly.

vii. The traditional Pakistan Military Parade, to be held on March 23, has been canceled.

viii. The upper house of parliament, all Senate proceedings have also been postponed for the next two weeks.

ix. All public gatherings, including wedding halls and cinemas, will be banned for two weeks.
x. Pakistan has decided to limit international flights to and from only three airports in the country, Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, Mirza said.

xi. Gilgit-Baltistan government declares a medical emergency in the province after reports of further Coronavirus incidents.

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