Auction Sheet Verification

Welcome to Auction Sheet Verification Service!

You can verify auction sheet up to 20 years old Vehicles now. Just enter your chassis number and contact details our sales representative will contact you in few minutes for verification.

My Auction Sheet verification is a paid service we charged the minimum cost for auction sheet verification online.

Auction sheet report includes vehicles photos, grade, mileage, buying date with complete auction sheet.


Every car has a secret and we will tell you this secret by verifying your car auction sheet online. Save your life and money by checking accidental cars or open airbags with the original auction sheet. After checking the auction sheet then decide the actual car price.

How to Read Auction Sheet?

How to Read Auction Sheet?How to Read Auction Sheet?How to Read Auction Sheet?auction sheet verification | How to Read Auction Sheet?

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions that people asking about our service.

What customer telling us when we saved us from fraud.

  1. My name is AZi, and I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I near to buy Toyota aqua from a dealer, someone tells me to verify its report from City Book, I came to City Book auction sheet verification page and place my query they contacted me and verify my auction sheet. When I matched report the dealer to report its totally changed, dealer played with me they make fake report that showing low milage and non accidental car and actual report showing car is accidental thanks to City Book Pakistan for saving my money.

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