6 Insightful Ways To Boost Events Tickets Selling In 2019

6 Insightful Ways To Boost Events Tickets Selling In 2019

All set to conduct an extraordinary event? But still worried because you haven’t sold all of the event tickets yet? An event planner cannot sell all of its events tickets just by marketing their events using different channels. You just need to know about the targeted audience who are interested in attending your event. This is every event planner’s dream to have a sold-out status of the event. To fulfill your dream you must need to know about insightful ways to improve the events ticket selling process. Refer to the below mentioned tips to increase the rate of ticket selling.

1.     Charge the right price

To charge the right price you must set a realistic and as well as a competitive price for event attendees. If you set unrealistic prices, you will surely lose most of the event attendees. Because charging more than the event cost might loosen the interest of people and potential buyers.  Especially in Pakistan; where most of the people belong to mediocre families.

2.     Involve event sponsors

To engage more and more people you can search for partners and sponsors. Ask sponsors to expand your network of tickets selling. You can also create content about event sponsors and event speakers to spread your event’s credibility. Most of the event speakers and sponsors have high social profiles. They can help in inviting more event attendees.

3.     Offer group discounts

For a rapid increase in the ticket selling process, you can also offer group discounts. Ask a group of people to sell the tickets. To push them to sell you can give an incentive or a bonus on selling tickets, or offer a discount to those groups of people.  Such incentives will motivate them to sell events tickets in their community

4.     Sell tickets online

It is hard to sell tickets on event attendees’ doors. Why not utilize your most successful channel to make the event selling process more efficient. Online social means can aid in exposing your news to big brands by name mentions and photo mentions options available on social media channels. The online web page of the event for tickets selling is very much useful. Today is the time of Smartphone users who are interested in making a purchase online.

5.     Integrate social media in ticket selling

Social media is the best place to sell your tickets. Many social media platforms like Facebook provide this opportunity to embed an event widget. Creating an event on Facebook can help you in many ways. You can identify the people who are interested in the event and those who are going to attend the event. You can also indicate event tickets price from where people can purchase them.

6.     Track the results

You must keep an eye on the results of different tools you are using to sell tickets. By tracking, you can find the most result oriented channel, which is producing a high conversion rate for sales. It can also make possible to test which source is generating greater revenues for you. These strategies once used smartly in events tickets selling procedures can double the turnover ratio.

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