5 Reasons Why Natural Attar Is Better Than Perfumes

5 Reasons Why Natural Attar Is Better Than Perfumes

Attar for men has long been considered as one of the most treasured material possessions and Islam states Attar as one of the most beloved of gifts given to mankind. Attars were traditionally distributed as a customary practice of nobility to the guests back in the eastern world. They not only depict royalty but also hold a strong aromatic smell like no other product and stays longer than other types of scents.

Earlier attars were available in a limited number of fragrances like Oudh, Jasmine, or Mogra being some of them but today due to the market need, Fakhar-Al-Oudh has come up with the best attar for men and best Oudh attar options. The trick is how will you know what is better between perfume and attar. So here are some reasons that might help you to know why natural Attar is better than perfumes.

Natural Is Compatible With Body

When you use synthetic fragrance, it does not have any good effect on your body. Some synthetic fragrances can cause harm to the body as they can be allergic. Natural perfumes are good in a sense because the body recognizes the original scents and reacts accordingly. If someone suffers from asthma or any other breathing problem, artificial scents can be dangerous for them. Also, there is a huge difference between synthetic and essential perfumes. For example- a natural blue lotus attar helps you to relieve stress and calm down. Whereas the artificial blue lotus perfume might smell similar but it won’t have much effect on calming your senses.

Good For The Environment

Attars are not just good for your health but also very good for the environment. The process of making perfumes and attars is different. Synthetic fragrances incorporate ingredients that could be harmful to the environment, attars are prepared in an environmentally friendly way and they do not harm nature.

Long-Lasting Scent

The essential attars are subtle and refreshing. They can be flower specific or a blend of different aromas. Natural scents smell better than artificial scents, so that is the important thing. The reason behind this is whereas the natural scent takes loads of flowers to make even a small portion of essential oils that are used in natural perfumes, a scent created by chemical compounds and attractive packaging is nothing more than that. Even though there is a similarity in the fragrance, you can always try the sample scents before buying it and feel the difference.

Animal-Cruelty Free

A natural perfume contains no synthetic ingredients and is tested on humans, not animals. A number of phthalates and musks are used in mass-produced fragrances, which has led to horrible cruelty towards animals.

Worth The Money

If you invest in a true sandalwood-based attar then it will indeed be expensive as the labor-intensive process which is needed to produce them is no joke. Also, these attars are very rare to find and you have to be good at recognizing a genuine attar as today the market is full of duplicates. It really depends on the brands when we talk about high-end perfumes. Some designer perfumes cost a bomb while some can be cheaper or cheap which many of us prefer due to our pocket size.
Organic perfumes and perfume for sensitive skin which smell just as good as your favorite fragrance can be difficult to come by. Reputable natural perfume brands, such as Fakhar-Al-Oudh, offer hypoallergenic fragrance which allows people with skin sensitivity to enjoy wearing luxury aromas without compromising on quality or ethics.

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