5 Authenticated Ways for Conducting Online Assessment Test

5 Authenticated Ways for Conducting Online Assessment Test

As the world enters into the new era, educational institutes updated their ways of teaching. The pandemic and different lockdown situations enforce educational institutes to come online. Advanced technology, like examination management software and e-learning methods, enables educators to conduct online classes and assessments. With the increasing popularity of online examination, many colleges universities eliminate the old traditional pen and paper methods. 

On one side, technology opens the administrators’ opportunity to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and provide high-quality online education. While on the other side, the lacks of authenticated way promote cheating in the online assessment test. This is a major drawback and challenge for the educational institutes nowadays. A strong, secure online examination method for conducting an online assessment test becomes the need of the modern times.

Therefore, this blog enables schools and institutes to conduct online assessment tests in a secure authentic way. So let’s explore to know further.

What is the Online Assessment Test?

Online assessment tests maybe a new idea for many of the 3rd world country teachers and educators. The online assessment is a modern technique to improve learning by focusing on empirical data on the knowledge, skills, beliefs, and attitude. There are various reasons for conducting assessments. However, the main focus is on improving and tracking the student’s performance through its grade in the examination. 

you can take Various assessment tests online, including

  • Formative Assessments: These usually occur after a mid-term session or after covering a specific course that provides critical feedback on how good students are learning.
  • Summative Assessments: the final examinations that evaluate students learning of each subject.
  • Mcqs Based Short Assessments: Usually conducted after each session.

But what are the benefits of conducting online assessments? Let’s explore.

Importance of Conducting Online Assessment Test Authentically

The majority of schools and colleges are still using unreliable ways of conducting an online assessment test. This is due to the lack of knowledge regarding the benefits of using authentic ways for conducting an online assessment test. It can save a small portion of money through using a free platform but cannot give accurate results. The majority of children are either not taking online exams seriously or do cheating. But how?

Teachers are confident through adopting a plagiarism software to check the results effectively. However, modern students never make copy-paste mistakes anymore. They are more into helping each other through different WhatsApp groups and combine studies, despite the covid-breakdown. This is where educational institutes authentic ways for conducting an online assessment test. The top prior benefits of using authentic ways are as follows.

  • Prevent Cheating
  • Detailed insights
  • Track activity
  • Gives authentic & quick results
  • Enables managing online exams
  • Eliminates delays 
  • Enhance efficiency

These prior benefits enable you to have a strong grasp of students’ performance. But the main part is always about how to achieve it.

What do You need to Conduct Online Examination Effectively?

Before conducting an online assessment test, it is important to know the main elements that are essential to adopt. You need to research before conducting an online test, from choosing the right platform to additional features and backups. Some various tools and platforms enable educators to conduct online assessment test effectively. The top elements that you need to follow when conducting online test are as follows.

1.   Purpose of Taking Online Assessment:

Every assessment helps you to achieve a certain goal or objective. However, the majority of times, educators lack in determining the purpose or the objectives they want to achieve through an online assessment. Therefore, you need to list down the key points that your assessment will cover. This can help you to conduct a purposeful online assessment test that can add value.

2.   Online Examination Platform:

Choosing the online examination platform is the most crucial part of conducting an online examination test. You need to develop a platform that only enables students to access effectively and helps you monitor and track students’ online activity during the online courses. The famous free zoom software can be an effective way to monitor students.

However, when it comes to choosing an online examination platform, the preferable option is educational software. The educational providers empower institutes with their desirable platform to utilize all the features with enhancing efficiency.

3.   Securing Online Examination:

Securing online examination is an essential element that enables you to prevent teaching or third-party access. You can easily secure online assessment test by adopting or utilizing the following features

  • Secure browsing that prevents students from opening any other browser during an online assessment
  • Remote proctoring that enables you to monitor exams remotely without the need of any supervisor
  • Image capturing takes pictures to ensure the authenticity of the candidate present in remote exams.
  • Video Streaming enables you to stream live videos of candidates appearing in the online assessment test.

4.   Traditional Online Assessments:

Traditional online assessments can be conducted through the LMS systems that allow students to submit a particular case study, report writing, article reviews, or proposal writing online. A given time frame with a different paper pattern is sent via the LMS system to the candidates. This is one of the top ways of conducting an online assessment test.

5.   Online Quizzes:

Online quizzes are a great way to check the students learning ability after every class. One of the best ways for conducting an online assessment test is through the screen lock MCQs with a short time span. This will help you to know how many students are learning through online classes.

6.   Online Oral Examination:

An online oral examination is another innovative way to conduct an online assessment test through a voice recognition system. You need to provide a given time frame in a live session and ask questions from the candidates.

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