5 Affordable Home Decor Ideas Using Bean Bags In Pakistan

5 Affordable Home Decor Ideas Using Bean Bags In Pakistan

Bean bags were known as the symbol of sophistication and represented Italian style. But that’s ages ago nowadays bean bags are known only for one thing. Bean bags are the most versatile addition to your home decor and emerging in Pakistan as a basic home decor need. There are some brands in Pakistan dealing with exquisite bean bags to favor all kinds of home decors.

Even the office cultures-especially the startups are opting for bean bags as their basic workstation add-on. Due to their compactness and portability, the bean bags are being used as additional seating in the office.

So, on the home decor and creative streak’s continuity let’s explore the ideas through which one can decorate their home on a budget.

1- Decorating The Living Room With Bean Bags

Decorating The Living Room With Bean Bags

Decorating the living room with the bean bags is the new cool. Especially for those spaces that are not symmetrical square. Since bean bags are not confined with the rules of being placed parallel to the walls only. One can place their desired bean bags anywhere they deem necessary.

Recently office spaces and living rooms of the homes are seen decored with bean bags that might not be adjacent to the traditional seatings. Homes with long-living spaces usually face this kind of problem and bean bags solved this problem with style. Also, bean bags being transformed into beds and couch both and that too with ease kept them as the first decor choice for most people.

Now for the cost comparison, of the of living rooms’ couch and the bean bags here’s the data that we collected from the famous brands. An average couch in Pakistan costs about 25,000 PKR at a minimum. While the beanbags cost almost 5,000 PKR each. That means you buy 5 bean bags at the price of one couch.

Moreover, a living room isn’t complete without a recliner chair. The traditional recliner chairs are expensive and cost more than 50,000 PKR each. Though they are made with leather and adds class to the interior design of the living room. But we are on a budget and nothing will match the price and comfort of a bean bag recliner chair. You can choose among the styles and decor of the room for your personal choice.

2- Bean Bags For Home Office:

Though round bean bags are famous and liked by most. But in the office space of the house, the formal look suits better. For that, most people choose the square bean bags with dark gradient colors. Bean bags were initially marketed for having fun with the seating space. But as time passed and people explored the versatility of the bean bags, they adopted them as a beautiful seating experience.

With so much variety of bean bags in the market, one can choose from various materials and shapes. Matching it with the design and class you want in your home office. When decoring the home office the sky is the limit. One can go classy in ambiance and be funky while choosing vibrant colors and materials.

3- Gaming Bean Bags For Game Room:

Gaming Bean Bags For Game Room

Now gaming bean bags are mostly thought to be placed in the room where a big screen with a costly gaming computer is. But that’s not necessary, you can use the beans bags for all your gaming rooms’ sitting needs. Their huge scale of variety sums up all the decoring styles.

Usually, gaming chairs are associated with the ultimate gaming room sitting need. But ask yourself do you need a chair that suits your gaming time for a few months? Or a bean bag that is durable enough to serve you for a lifetime. With many more features like being used for yoga and much more.

The unlimited range of vibrant colors gives you an unlimited range of choices for the perfect gaming bean bag. One can match them with their gaming room hue and change it upon their will as the bean bags are way cheaper than ridiculously expensive gaming chairs.

4- Bean Bags For TV Lounge:

Lounges and halls are known for their big spacey seatings. In this regard, while cutting costs large bean bags can come in handy. The most difficult part in decorating the TV lounge is the bulky and heavy furniture to fill the sitting area.

But when opting for bean bags the cost, the weight of the settings, and the area to cover get solved only with one move. Measure the area and buy the perfectly adjustable sized bean bags for your TV lounge. You can also choose the recliner bean bags chairs to make them more budget-friendly.

5- Choose Complementary Colors

The biggest problem with the furniture is that you don’t get to choose the perfect color that you want. There is always some kind of sacrifice that you make while choosing the right color. Bean bags on the other hand are not bound with the color palettes that define boring. Beanbag could provide the perfect color you want. So, go ahead and choose the best color that you want and make your dream come true.

Be it the mature colors that give a classic sense as in the leather bean bags or the shiny black ones. They all fit in perfectly, so just choose the ones you really love. When placing the bean bags make sure to put them around the centerpieces. There is always room for creativity and yous should design the rooms are to discretion. But this is just to give you a head start.

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