123Movies: Is it legal or safe to use?

123Movies:  Is it legal or safe to use?

Would you like to know if 123movies is legal and safe to use? If yes, then this article is for you. 123movies is an online streaming website that provides you the content of your liking without a single penny. We all really love anything for free but how do you know that it would not disrupt your security or it isn’t illegal to use? 

What is 123movies?

123 movies is a well-known online streaming service that enables its users to watch pirated content including videos and movies of their choice. There are tons of other websites on the internet that permits cost and hassle-free content just like 123movies.  Here you can find the movies of your demand and trust me that you would not even have to sign up or log In anywhere. 123movies has a variety of content on it including even the most recent films. 

Due to its demand and popularity amongst so many people, it is also called as the ‘world’s most popular illegal site’. However, the site got shut down multiple times due to criminal investigation by Vietnamese authorities.

But is it legal or safe? 

In this modern era of the internet, we ditch the old TV cable network and watch our favorite shows and movies online whenever we would like but then there is one flaw. These online streaming websites are not really free so you have to spend your money that you worked hard to earn. So what to do now? People just opt for the ‘free of cost’ sites such as 123movies and GO Movies but what they don’t think about is that they are illegal and are making money through illegal methods. 

These websites are also not safe to use as they can seriously infect your system with some sort of malware and especially with one of the most threatening Ransomware.  So, is there any way you can find out if a site is Legal and Safe to use? 

How to know if any site is Legal and Safe to use?

Here are some of the easiest ways through which you can easily find out if a site is legal and safe to use. Take a look: 

Method 1: If you need to know if the site is secure or not, you can find out by this method. Illegal movie streaming websites attempt to hide their tracks by giving information about DMCA takedown requests so if you see that they have a full section of their site devoted to the users contacting them when they have illegal content available on their site then the chances are that they might not have an official partnership with any sort of company to stream the movies legally.

Method 2:  One more way is that if you see the following ‘disclaimer’ policy message on the site then the chances are that it’s an illegal one:

Disclaimer: No copyrighted or illegal content is hosted on the website. II content is hosted on non-affiliated third-party websites.”

Method 3:  Another way is that you have to move towards its copyright section because each and everything of the website hides inside that section of the website. These sorts of sites are usually secured by copyright and they will definitely not show their correct IP address and will try every possible way to hide it from the security governments by using proxies and the VPN services. So remember, if the site tells you to download their VPN software or other software, it is best to leave the site, knowing that they are not safe to use. 

The alternatives to 123 movies: 

Some similar alternatives to 123movies are listed below:  

So, 123movies is NOT legal neither safe!

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