10 Things You Can Do On This Eid Event

10 Things You Can Do On This Eid Event

Are you ready for the coming Eid celebrations? Well, Eid ul Fitr is just a couple of days away, and the excitement and fun over the Muslims have already arrived. Eid is all about meeting up with people and sharing smiles and warm hugs with each other.  But this festival does not end up here! There are so many more things you can do on this Eid right away! Do you want to know what you can do? Check out below:

1. Start to Plan in advance

Make an effort a little bit and make some plan of gathering in advance. You should go for the family meeting a week before and plan what you want to do on Eid day. You can invite the rest of the people in the afternoon or ask them over some dinner out. Cook a menu of delicious dishes and Eid recipes.

2. Plan to Clean and decorate the home

Well, as everyone would be making their way into your home for dinners and gatherings, so make sure that your home is immaculate and painted as well. Try to give your whole house a bright outlook. Put new mattresses and bedding outside to air out.

Bring your home with the decorations of the balloons as well as lights and with some banners and some streamers too.  Add your house with the background of some Islamic song on the CD on so everyone can sing or hum along while they work.

3. Try to make special food

Try to add your menu with such recipes and dishes which your family does not eat on the traditional mediums. It would be much sweet and much sour. It has to be different from the usual meals.

10 Things You Can Do On This Eid Event

4. Set up a family gift exchange

Put every relative’s name in a Kufi and have every individual haul one out. Whoever picks an individual’s name needs to purchase or make that individual a blessing. One catch: babies need to get benefits from everybody.

10 Things You Can Do On This Eid Event

5. Let your kids Make Gifts for each other

10 Things You Can Do On This Eid Event

You can have the children gather the majority of the miscellaneous items they find during the Eid house tidy up in a crate. At that point, they can utilize these things to make beautiful yet meaningful Eid blessings.

6. Buy some new Clothes

For kids, Eid is incomplete until and unless they would not be made to buy new clothes.  You can let them buy some Shalwar Kameez or the suit or Thobe which they love to wear on Eid festivals. Invest and make them get something new.

10 Things You Can Do On This Eid Event

7. Do these as you plan for new clothes

Collect all your old equipment, toys and outfits and make them get submit into your nearby house or the charity centre or the mosque for bringing a celebration touch in the sick kids Eid festival as well.

10 Things You Can Do On This Eid Event

8. Wash Your Car

You would be hanging out with friends and visiting our friend home places, so makes sure your vehicle is clean and ready. Give your car in car washing centre at least three days before the Eid.

10 Things You Can Do On This Eid Event

9. At Eid prayer, look for those who are alone and invite them over

10 Things You Can Do On This Eid Event

Eid is all about sharing the blessings of brotherhood and love. At the festival of Eid looks for those who are lonely and invite them over. Find those who have no one to spend Eid with and share happiness. Hug them and greet them.

Delhi: Muslims offer greetings after the prayer on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, at Jama Masjid in New Delhi on June 26, 2017. (Photo: IANS)

10. Donate Your Extra Eid Food to Homeless Peoples

You can make your Eid even much more special by spending your one day out in the homeless shelter or food bank or some contributions to the donation activities.

10 Things You Can Do On This Eid Event
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