10 Smarter Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work

10 Smarter Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work

To improve productivity at your workplace is not rocket science. The key to smarter ways of working is not hard and spending most of your time in your cabin.  In fact, the key to success is working smartly. There is no tool to maximize the time of your work. We have a day of fixed 24 hours. Think of the days when you wish to have some more time for the work, but left with the same time span. We can only enhance human productivity by smarter ways of doing work.

Following smart hacks can help in boosting energy levels at work.

Plan beforehand

Take out some time of 10 to 15 minutes for planning for your next day work. Planning beforehand can get you some more time for yourself.  Most challenging tasks can be done first in your daily routine. Prioritize them in your daily to-do list. The high level of energy period is from 3 to 4 pm. Therefore such challenging tasks should be scheduled at a high level of energy periods.

Be punctual

The key to complete your tasks in time is to be punctual. Punctuality helps to complete work on time and leave the office on time. You should also track the time you are spending on each task. Doing the task right away takes less time as compared to postpone it.

Multitasking at workplace

Reduce multitasking

The dilemma of human beings is that they think they can multitask. But what happens when it’s time to complete those tasks? If you juggle upon writing an email to two of your clients while attending a conference and listening to the speaker, trying to do several tasks at a time leads you to time wasting and less productive towards the work. You will be unable to write emails and listen to the speaker properly. Build a habit of moving forward with a single project.

Say no to pointless meetings

A meeting at the workplace sucks most of your productive time.  You can say no to pointless meetings. Instead of having one on one meeting you can discuss the things on email or over a video call. It can be a great practice to save quality time. If you can attain the same goals by having a web-based or email conversation meetings, then why not go for it and save some time.

Take a short nap

Your boss may frown at you if you are taking a short nap at your workplace. Big companies like Google and Ben motivate their employees to take a short nap during work time. Sometimes it’s not enough to have a cup of coffee to refresh your mind. One needs a short nap of 30- 90 minutes to stimulate their efficiency level.

attend training workshops

Attend training workshops

We are living in the 21st century; changes are occurring in the technology sector very rapidly, enhancing your skills is the most crucial part of improving productivity at work. Improving skills by attending training workshops is a great step not only for employees but for the employer too.

Do exercise

Keeping yourself active at work is very crucial for your health and productivity. Stretch your legs and muscles in short breaks.  According to a publication in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, exercising during your work time might help in boosting the energy level of your body. Such exercise breaks are not just for working promptly but also very useful to stay healthy.

Add a little humor

Humor can add a little fun to your workplace. If you are feeling exhausted and unable to concentrate, watch out for a funny video or any hilarious clip, go back to the work, you will definitely feel more focused with a fresh mind. It will surely aid in reducing the stress level of a hard project you are working on.

limit negative distrations

Limit negative distractions

There are many distracting indicators in your workplace. Internet and scrolling through your social media for non-work related activities reduces the efficiency of your work. Frequently checking your Instagram and Facebook feed is a bad practice. Limits the time you spend on browsing over the internet. Disable the app notifications and keep your phone on silent mode. Your colleagues can also pop up to have a short conversation, which is also a negative distracter.

take short breaks from work

Take short breaks

It is very much important to take short breaks in your whole working day. To refresh yourself, walk around for a few minutes, talk to your colleagues, and get something to eat or have a cup of cappuccino. Remember it’s time to relieve you, so look away from your Smartphone and computer.

How do you enhance the productivity level at work? Do you have any other tip? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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