10 Pakistani Celebrities Who Left Showbiz For Islam

10 Pakistani Celebrities Who Left Showbiz For Islam

Pakistani celebrities who left showbiz for Islam with their own will and become religious scholars. Many of them were at the height of their careers and were undivided kings and queens of industry. Living in an Islamic state means living according to all Islamic teachings. But Pakistan is one of the Islamic countries that gives its people the freedom to live as they wish, and the people themselves know how to balance religion and the world.

These Pakistani celebrities proved that Islam has more power than the world of Glam. All these Pakistani celebrities have raised their voices to share the reasons for this change. They all had different reasons for changing their minds.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Left Showbiz For Islam

Although in this article you read “Pakistani celebrities who left showbiz industry for Islam” but I will also make a list of celebrities who left mainstream showbiz but still in their own way and on their own terms. But are part of the industry. Recently, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Feroze Khan, a charming and talented Pakistani actor, left the showbiz to spread the message of Islam. Here’s the list of those Pakistani Celebrities who left showbiz for Islam.

1. Junaid Jamshed:

Junaid was a mechanical engineer from UET Lahore but first gained recognition nationwide in 1987 as the lead singer of Vital Signs with songs such as “Dil Dil Pakistan” and “Tum Mil Gaye”. Dil Dil Pakistan soon reached the level of sanctity of the national anthem in Pakistan. He formally gave up music in 2004 and devoted his life to the practice and preaching of Islam. Jamshed gave up music but devoted his humorous voice to Naats and Hamds to preaching the religion and eventually became a religious scholar.

Junaid was traveling with his second wife and died on December 7, 2016 when PIA Flight 661 crashed in Havelian. The flight was going from Islamabad to Chitral. He was in Chitral on a mission of Tablighi Jamaat and was returning to Islamabad. We have loved him equally in all his incarnations, this is the hollow space that this semen remains in the hearts of human beings, it will never be filled again.

2. Hamza Ali Abbasi:

Hamza Ali Abbasi had recently left Showbiz after marrying Namal Khawar. He announced a few months ago that he was going to make an important announcement. He is one of them the famous Pakistani celebrities who left showbiz industry for Islam after his last superhit drama serial ‘Alif’. Abbasi said that Islam has given him answers to his questions like how the world came into being and why human beings are living in it.

The timing of this change has left people wondering if ‘Alif‘ has somehow changed Hamza Ali Abbasi’s outlook on life. Abbasi’s upcoming film ‘Maula Jutt‘ is also going to be released soon. Hamza Ali Abbasi had also performed Umrah a few months before announcing that he was leaving Showbiz.

3. Feroze Khan:

Recently, Feroz Khan one of the Pakistani celebrities who left the showbiz industry for Islam. In a tweet, he said, I announce that I have left the showbiz industry and will only work for the teaching of Islam through this platform and my services.” I will provide if, inshaAllah, you all are requested to pray for me and my loved ones.

His unexpected move frightened the fans and they started speculating whether the actor has left the showbiz industry or not. Feroze Khan’s fans thought he was leaving showbiz to follow the message of Islam like Hamza Ali Abbasi.

4. Rabi Pirzada:

Before she announced her departure from the showbiz, Rabi Pirzada caused quite a stir. Rabbi Pirzada was incredibly active on social media just a few months before her private videos went viral. Rabbi Pirzada was already in the news for his political statements. Rabbi’s videos were heavily criticized after they were leaked. He publicly apologized for her actions and held accountable all those who shared his private videos.

She tweeted, “I’m leaving Showbiz. May Allah forgive my sins. And soften people’s hearts for me.”

5. Ali Afzal:

Ali Afzal, an actor who has been part of the showbiz industry for over a decade. He was known for his colorful eyes and excellent acting skills. He has been in the media since the 90’s and has acted in many dramas and commercials. He is one of those Pakistani celebrities who left the showbiz for Islam. He quit his acting career in 2004 and was seen lecturing on Islam on various platforms and channels.

6. Noor Bukhari:

The actress stayed away from the screen for some time. She began her journey of spiritual self-discovery after divorce. At first, Noor could not leave the showbiz because it was his only source of income for bread and butter. Noor discussed that after facing severe criticism over her multiple marriages, she came to the conclusion that no matter how hard she worked in this field, it would always be decided.

On her YouTube channel, Noor Bukhari shares the changes and often appears in talk shows that spread the message of Islam.

7. Shazia Khushk:

Famous folk singer Shazia Khushk, one of the best Pakistani celebrities who left showbiz industry for Islam due to personal reasons. She is known for his variety of styles and the energy she used to entertain crowds. After ruling the world of folk singing for decades, Shazia Khoshk recently left it. She announced that she was leaving Showbiz because she wanted to spend the rest of her life in the service of Islam. Shazia Khoshk made it clear that she was really serious about the decision and would stick to it.

8. Nargis:

Nargis was a famous stage artist who also acted in films. He was known for his dances on stage and in movies. The concept of item numbers was introduced by Nargis in Pakistani films. Nargis is one of the Pakistani celebrities who left the showbiz for Islam. She has acted in more than 104 films in her film career from 1993 to 2018, and was the highest-paid stage artist in the country in 2016.

Nargis worked in Lollywood for 20 years, now she is a religious woman. He made the announcement at a press conference and has been out of the spotlight ever since.

9. Urooj Nasir:

Urooj Nasir is as famous as PTV actress Linda Bazar and Najane Kevin. In 2011, she is one of them Pakistani celebrities who left the showbiz for Islam and practically became a Muslim. On the occasion of World Hijab Day, Yuvraj said that he started thinking about the meaning of life in 2005 when Pakistan was shaken by a massive earthquake. And many lives were changed in the blink of an eye. Did you know that this telecom-based host and actor left Showbiz when she was at the height of her career line?

10. Ajab Gul:

Famous Pakistani TV drama actor Ajab Gul was one of the big projects of Pakistani television at the time when drama emerged as a means of entertainment. Later, he appeared on the big screen. He is one of the best Pakistani celebrities who left the showbiz for Islam and started preaching Islam. He never talked about how the change happened, but that is why he distanced himself from Showbiz. He remained silent on his change and never got into showbiz again.

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