10 Effective Ways to Get your Dream Job Faster

10 Effective Ways to Get your Dream Job Faster

Good job, great house, and a comfortable lifestyle is a dream for everyone. But making that possible requires hard work and smart work together. 

Although technology has made everything possible in a few clicks, still you need to adopt far better ways to turn your dreams into reality.

In the modern world, job hunting is no longer limited to dropping the CVs and waiting for the interview calls. It requires more than that. 

When you want to land your dream job faster, you should start with knowing your why and how to do it because job markets change with time and there’s a different demand in every period. 

10 Effective Ways to Get your Dream Job Faster

And the recent COVID19 has brought a 360-degree shift in our lifestyle. Now, work from home is our new normal and technology is everything. If you don’t know the best use of technology, people can outsmart you easily.

So, keeping in mind the current time and the future, here are 10 best ways to land your dream job faster than ever.

1. Know What You Want

Starting your career without a clear goal in mind will make you stuck at some point to think what you want to achieve through your career. Therefore, the golden advice is to before you start applying for your first job, know what you want. Money? Experience? Growth? Value? Status?

When you know your why, it will be easy to filter the job according to your needs. For example, if learning is your priority, you’ll be fine with a low salary and you’ll search for jobs where you think you can grow your mind better.  

So, tip#1 is to know your goals, break it into chunks, and start with knowing what you want through your job.

2. Research the Company You’re Applying For

2. Research the Company You’re Applying For

Gone are the times when dropping a CV was enough to secure a high-profile job. Now, with the evolving times, relevancy has become important. So, it’s a must to know the company you’re applying for the job. 

Start with searching their website or LinkedIn company page, know their vision, mission and objectives and see if your CV fits into their requirements. If you think you’re the appropriate candidate for that company then proceed with applying.

By researching the company, you’ll have more chances of securing the job because employers prefer the candidates who are curious to join the company and already know what the company does. So, tip#2 is to always research the company before applying, it will reduce your rejection chances.

3. Work on your LinkedIn Profile

Work on your LinkedIn Profile

If you have an active and professional LinkedIn profile, you’ll get the opportunities through your inbox. That’s because the majority of employers use LinkedIn to find the relevant candidate for the job vacancies.

Secondly, LinkedIn profiles also scale networking opportunities. You can connect with the industry leaders and make yourself known by engaging in their job activities or status. Also, by writing articles and sharing your achievements on LinkedIn, you can boost your online credibility and show that you’re an eligible candidate for today’s job market.

If you don’t have an optimized LinkedIn profile yet, it’s time to start working on it to get the best results.

4. Create your Digital Portfolio

Create your Digital Portfolio

There’s one skill in everyone which they love doing. It can be freelancing, content writing, graphics designing, blogging, teaching or anything else. By wrapping your skills in a digital portfolio, you can show the employer that you’re more than suitable for the job and you have the capability to adopt the change.

In addition to it, your social portfolio is the proof of your skills so you should dedicate extra time to create it. If you won’t be able to pull your dream job through your portfolio, you can still use it as for your freelancing career.

Therefore you should invest your time in creating your portfolio so you could add a bonus point to your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

5. Tailor your Resume

Tailor your Resume

Nowadays, it’s easy to pick a template from Google, fill in your education, experience and skills and send it to ten different companies. But this process doesn’t guarantee your job success as tailored resumes from other candidates can easily replace yours.

So, the tip is to read the job description thoroughly and include the relevant keywords which match the job description. It will grow the chances of picking up your resume at first glance as the keywords will connect you to the employer requirements of the job.

Adding a cover letter along with the CV acts as a plus point to your job-profile. It indicates that you’re curious to join the company.

6. Show that You’re Flexible

Show that You’re Flexible

In the post-COVID world, work from home will be the new normal. And while you work from home it’s not possible to work in the fixed hours because of distractions. That’s why employers will be wanting the candidates who are flexible to adopt the new normal.

If you show that you can work only in the fixed hours, you might cut down the opportunity yourself. So, always show a can-do attitude and your flexibility to adopt the changes. Your adaptability will expand promising opportunities for you.

7. Search Job on Every Forum

7. Search Job on Every Forum

Never limit your job hunting process to LinkedIn or career opportunities websites only. You should always keep a keen eye in your surroundings. Sometimes, people in your personal network also have some vacant positions, so you can better ask them or show that you’re in search of a good job.

Other than that, you can also join career-driven groups on Facebook, many employers also share the job post there. 

The tip is to keep your eye open on every platform so you don’t miss a single opportunity to land your dream job faster.

8. Appear with Confidence in Your interview

Appear with Confidence in Your interview

According to Professional Resume Writing Services in Dubai, candidates lose the opportunity when they appear first in the interview. It’s because they don’t appear with confidence. Majority of the candidates struggle to speak fluently or keep crossing their arms to control their nervousness.

The lesson here is to don’t fear your employer, take the interview as a formal conversation and look into the eyes of your employer. This will boost your confidence and will make you able to control your nerves.

Showing lack of confidence sends the impression to the employer that you aren’t a right fit, especially when the job description demands communication skills on top.

9. Always Ask Questions in an Interview

Always Ask Questions in an Interview

In addition to preparing yourself for the interview, you should always ask questions to your employer. It indicates your interest and serious attitude about the job. According to Glassdoor, if you don’t engage in an interview, you can easily run the risk of appearing uninterested.

Besides questioning, after the interview, you should also send a thankyou note to the employer for calling you for an interview. In case, if you’re rejected for the position don’t hesitate to ask the reason. It will help you to correct your mistakes and move ahead with it.

When it comes to questions, you can ask about the growth opportunities or the biggest challenges employees come across in the company.

10. Don’t Accept the Job Offer Immediately

Don’t Accept the Job Offer Immediately

If the interview went smooth and your employer offers you a job right on the spot, don’t say yes immediately. Take the offer and ask for some time to think about it.

Get back to your home, analyze the job roles and think if this is what you were searching for. If possible, get a second opinion from career counsellors or mentors. This will boost your inner satisfaction before you accept the offer.

Apart from these tips, keep helping people and keep yourself updated with the latest technology trends. The more you learn the trend of today, the better will be the career growth for you, remember it.


Abdul Majid Sheikh is a professional content writer and editor with 5+ years of writing experience.  He has a Master’s literature degree from the University of Birmingham Dubai. He is passionate about creating content that informs, educates, and entertains. He has proofed and edited for numerous clients, including blogs, academic publications, and SEO article sites.

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